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by Colette Bomsta of My Computer is my Canvas / ga08012010

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Colette writes, "I love making cute things for my kiddos, for their classes, for my church and for pretty much everything under the sun!  This weekend during a park play-date with the family, I remembered playing "Frisbee Golf" as a kid... which meant I could hardly sit still until I had created one for my kids!

If you've never heard of it... it's basically like playing golf, but with a basket and frisbees.  You set up "holes" or baskets around your yard and keep score based on how many tosses it takes you to advance from basket to basket.  With this printable, I made numbered tags for 6 baskets, a sheet of score cards and a set of instructions for putting one together for your family!  This is a fun game that can be used for lots of things... like a birthday party activity, a picnic game, Scout activity, church activity for kids & youth or even just a boredom buster for the kids at home."

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The instructions below are found on page 1 of the PDF file (found above)...

Frisbee Golf Game Printable
Fun for... birthday parties, picnic games, family night activity, boredom buster, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts & more!
Prepare the Game
Print basket tags on white cardstock for durability. 
Cut, then laminate if desired. 
Punch hole & secure to bucket or basket with ribbon, twine or rafia.
Repeat for all 6 baskets. 
Print lots of scorecards (provided on page 8).  
Set up the Course
Set up the game by placing the labeled baskets throughout your yard... progressively numbered just like a regular golf course.  Players take turns tossing a frisbee towards and into each basket.  The players' score for each basket are calculated by the number of throws it takes to get their frisbee into each basket.  At the end of the game, tally up the totals and the lowest score wins! 
Tips & Tricks
You may need to fill the bottom of your basket/bucket with rocks to keep in place.
Let the kiddos design their own course!
Let the kids add up their own scores for easy math practice!
Encourage them to play again, winner goes first.
Serve popsicles afterwards, your little players will be hot and tired!

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