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For girls camp this year our theme was "T.E.A.M. work" (together - everyone - accomplishes - more).  Each ward chose their "team."  We chose S.W.A.T.

It was great.  We decorated in Black, Pink, and Camo.  Each day we had a devotional in the morning and evening.  With each devotional, the leader in-charge gave a new meaning for the acronym S.W.A.T.  Some of the examples are:

Sisters With A Testimony

Serving Working And Teaching

Service Without A Trace

Strength With All Things

The girls Loved the devotionals.  Some of them included little activities to learn the acronym better.  For example, Service Without A Trace, we had camo bags filled with goodies that we took to the other wards and had to do it without them knowing.  We also did chores for each other without telling. 

For our secret sisters this year, we had a mailbox bin set up.  Each girl and leader had a box, we also included a box for supplies.  Our supply box was filled with stickers, paper, markers, glue, and scissors.  This was the best box.  It encouraged everyone to leave little notes to each other.

This was a fun theme to play off.  Everyone said it was the best girls camp yet.  Really fun and a great testimony builder.


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