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Jona writes, "I don't know about you, but my children love crafts! 

This craft involves making a small booklet that illustrates how we can share or help others.  

Print out the above file for the craft.  They are all in the shape of a pair of open hands.  It is best if the covers are printed out on heavier cardstock, but the inside pages can be on ordinary paper.  Cut out the shapes and staple together along the dotted edge.

(Page 1 - Sharing) Write on each page "I can share my food", "I can share my toys" etc. and illustrate with magazine pictures. Or you can let them draw pictures on the pages to illustrate ideas.

(Page 2 - Sharing time, talents or the gospel ) Write on each page "I can share my time" - help them illustrate with pictures the ways they can share their time by helping others (ie. I can wash the dishes, I can pick up my toys, etc.)  

(Page 3 - Final page) Glue a picture of Jesus and write "I will share (or help) because I love Jesus".

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  • Critical Thinker

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It is a simple, great idea.

  • Shirleyk

    Thanks! great idea!

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