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Ericka writes, "Here are my powerpoint, hymn, stepping stone labels and printable activity. I have some left over tile squares from our bathroom remodel for the stepping stones! Please keep in mind when I prepare the powerpoint I am using a PC with an old monitor for my ancient, but still functioning, laptop. If you are using newer equipment or a Mac, you may need to tweak things so they'll work properly for you. I've included the story of Young David even though there aren't any questions in the lesson pertaining to it because it seemed to make sense to include it. Feel free to alter and delete slids as you see fit!"
Comments (10)
  • Debra

    This is great!!How did you do this?!!

  • Ericka

    Glad you like it! The lesson is pretty much exactly as it is from the manual and the story is from I try to come up with powerpoints that keep the kids in my class focused on the content of the lesson. The animation is fun to do and finding images to go along with the lesson really helps me to more deeply appreciate the scriptures. However, the powerpoint is a tool. If it helps the kids learn... Yahoo!

  • summer

    LOVE IT!!! Thank you Ericka!

  • LesnKC

    Thanks so much for sharing Ericka!

  • soujanya

    its very very helped me alot i am very thankful to u god bless u... :-)

  • Anonymous

    its great thanks

  • Anonymous  - Yesenia

    thank you, it help me a lot with my class.

  • Dolores Cregar  - Thank you....bless you

    I was worried about what I was going to cover on my next turn to facilitate Chapel at the school where I work. I thought I would surf around the internet to see what I could find. God brought me to your page. Thank you for blessing me with your hard work. :)

  • Anne

    Thank you very much for all the work you put into this power point presentation! It definitely helped me tremendously with my Sunday School lesson this week.

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