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by Amy Gregson / ga06232010

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Amy writes, "I came up with some YW Theme designs this afternoon that I wanted to share with you.  We decided to spruce up our Young Women's Room so I spent the afternoon creating new YW Theme and 2010 Mutual theme posters.  (It should have been done back in January, but hey, we do what we can do!  The files can be downloaded in high enough resolution to be printed in 20x30 inch, 16x20 inch, and 11x14 inch formats."

Comments (10)
  • Andrea M

    Those are absolutely AMAZING!!! Thanks!!! :D :D :D

  • Margie

    very cute! I love them! thanks.

  • Danni

    Beautiful! Can't wait to print these off. Love this year's theme and what you have done with them is awesome! :)

  • Barb

    They are beautiful. Good work!

  • amyg

    I am sooo sorry about the typos in the pictures above. Yesterday was a loooong day! The wording has been corrected in the files to download. For different sizes, please visit my blog here { printables.html}. Enjoy!

  • sharen

    I just wanted to mention that there are a couple typos. The part that says--at all times--- It doesnt have the word ALL. And there is an extra AND in the lower paragraph. They still are great, I had a girls night with my beehives and we put these in decorated frames.

  • Allison

    Gorgeous and fun! I think that we'll put these into frames for the girls too! They're beautiful! :)

  • Becky

    These are absolutely darling! I would like to put it up in our YW room (YW theme). Do you have it is Spanish too? I need high resolution for 16 X 20. Thanks for sharing your talents!!!

  • Ricci

    Can this be printed in 8x10? ;-)

  • LDSebid

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