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Amanda writes, "Here is a Camp Certification Chart for Girls Camp. It lists all the certification requirements for each year level. For me, as a leader, it was easier to see it all laid out next to each other instead of in individual levels."

Comments (3)
  • Charris

    This was awesome! Thanks so much!!!!

  • kerry

    I see the color key at the bottom of each page and the end, but the different sections on the chart do not have the color on it to tell me when it should be done. Do you have a more detailed chart for those of us who have no idea how this "camp certification thing" is supposed to work? Also, what certifications would you do at a 4th year overnighter before camp? Thanks.

  • Joy

    I believe it is not highlighted so you can custom highlight it yourself once you know what will be taught at stake camp and ward camp, etc.

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