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Julie writes, "My mom made go fish for all of her grandchildren with the prophets and apostles. I thought it was such a cute idea I had her send it to me and I use it in my primary class all the time! It's a fun way for them to learn our modern prophets and apostles and it can be played like 'go fish' or the matching game! Hopefully it can be of use to others, it's best to print the pages on cardstock and laminate them!"

Comments (2)
  • Danielle Souza

    Thanks for sharing!! I'll make a version of it in Portuguese !!

  • melanie

    Thank you so much for these cards! I am the personal progress leader in our ward and this sunday we are learning the names of all the apostles. I printed out these cards without the names on them to test them how welll they learned them. I am also going to give each girl a set of cards and a notebook so that they can watch conference and tape the name of each apostle on a page and write down what each one talked about and how they felt about their talk. If the girls watch both session, both days and spend at least an hour writing in the notebook it would be a good project idea for their personal progress.

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