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by Kari Crane Lyman, Wyoming / ga05202010

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Kari writes, "In our Primary for the 5th Sunday in May, I am doing General Conference Jeopardy for Senior Primary.  I also wanted to play a game for Junior primary as well.  So, I made up a Jeopardy game for them.  My categories are Prophets, Scripture Stories, Name that Tune, Temples, Heavenly Father Wants Me To...,  and Phrases.  In the prophets, scripture stories, and temples categories I am pulling picture from my Gospel Art Kit (GAK) and just going to hold a picture up and see if the children can tell me the prophets name, the scripture story (Daniel and the Lions Den, Noah, etc....), or the Temple that is in that picture.  For "Name that tune", I am going to have the pianist start playing a song that we have learned for the program this year and see if they can tell me what song it is. 

The phrases I came up with thanks to the help of my great presidency are: Families are Forever, Choose the Right, I Am a Child of God, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, and I Know My Savior Lives.  I will leave one word on each phrase out and the children will have to fill in the blank.  For "Heavenly Father Wants Me To...."  I am also showing pictures from the GAK on baptism, prayer, being married in the temple, reading the scriptures, and Family Home Evening.  All the things we need to be working on to live with our savior again.  Just an idea.  Hope it helps someone."

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