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by Camille Pardo / ga04262010

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Camille writes, "I just wanted to share a talk/handout I made for a baptism I attended.  My talk was on the Holy Ghost, and how it is like a traffic light.  It was perfect for a talk at a baptism, but would also be appropriate for a sharing time or lesson on the Holy Ghost."

Comments (11)
  • Jayne

    This is a cute idea! Very Creative! I am going to use this for my Sharing Time in June! Thanks!!

  • RaNae Welsch

    Thank you. I am speaking at my Granddaughter's baptism....I appreciate the idea.. It is wonderful.....

  • Tasha

    Thank you for sharing your darling idea! This week I am preparing for my daughter's baptism, a lesson, and helping my son prepare a talk. You have given me great ideas and helped save a lot of time!!

  • Robin

    Thanks for the great idea! I am using it for my 5yr old's talk Sunday- great visuals!

  • merita

    Great idea i have to talk at my sons baptism an,d this idea will help out alot,Thanks.

  • JN

    Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I heard this talk given recently and loved it. I was just called to serve as prim. pres. and asked to speak on the Holy Ghost at the baptism of my friend's son, all in the same week! So I asked the friend who spoke where she got the idea and she gave me this link. This is a huge blessing to find something so perfect and all ready to go! May God bless you both for your help! JN

  • Tima

    this was soooo awsome! i had one nights notice to find something on the Holy Ghost for a 9yr old convert baptism, it was my first EVER talk at a baptism and EVERYONE loved it! and having visuals was great.. took my mind off everyone else. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL IDEA.. I will also use it to teach my young children for FHEl:) :-) 8)

  • Peggy Dipo

    :D I was so glad when I found this talk. My granddaughter asked me to talk at her baptism and I wanted something that she would understand and could relate to. I really like that there was also a handout for the other children to take home with them.

  • Allie

    Thank you SO mcuh for this, I am speaking at my sisters baptism, and didn't have a lot of time to prepare. You saved me!! : :lol: Thanks again!!

  • Abigail S.  - Super Cute!

    This is adorable! My cousin asked me to talk about the HG at his Baptism on Saturday! I unfortunately put it off the to the last minute(11:35) and need something super quick and relatable :) THANKS! LOL :silly: :cheer: :silly: :cheer: :)

  • Chandra  - You are a life savor!

    My daughter is soon to be baptized and she asked her 11 year old sister to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. This is perfect for her, now she isn't as nervous to give her talk, she's going to hide behind the "traffic light"! Thank You!!

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