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QUESTION - "What are some fun Mother's Day Gift Ideas?"  I asked this question recently on my Facebook account as I was stumped myself.  If you'd like to add your idea...a fun website or a link to your blog, please leave a comment using the form below.  Here are some great ideas shared by my (FABULOUS) Facebook fans as well as some others:

- Mother's Day Mini Album

- My very cleaver 1st counselor came up with a winner Mother’s Day gift idea last year!  We still hear from moms about how much they love it!  She went to IKEA and bought a bunch of their white pot holders (50 cents each) and then a few packages of colored Sharpies.  Then the kids (very closely supervised mind you) just sat and drew whatever they wanted on the potholders!  It was amazing to see what they came up with and the pot holders are kitchen treasures for the moms!  (My daughter drew her much-loved hamster on my pot holder and I just chuckle every time I open my kitchen drawer and pull it out.)  - Pauline Alger, Taylorsville, Utah

- Have your husband take her out on a date! Very cool gift.  (Shawna Krepps Banagas)

- Wouldn't this idea be so fun to do for Mother's Day? Or Father's Day? Just spell out "Mother", "Father", "Grandma" or whatever.... So cute!
- My Mother-in-law got me an apron that said "Happy Mother's Day" on it...then is came with an "Instruction" tag that said "Place on hubby's neck, kiss him on the cheek, and tell him thanks for dinner and cleaning too". One of the best gifts I ever got! : )  (Jennifer Evans Searle)

- After a battle with cancer, my mom has made it clear for christmas/mother's day, etc: she doesn't need more 'stuff'. just time with her kids & grandkids. for example: a girls trip out to get a pedicure, a movie or event together, or a planned picnic in the park with the grandkids...this year i i've considered scheduling a date to go get some plants together and plant them with her in her garden (mom, are you reading this?)  (Jill Morgan)

- My favorite simple gift ever was my daughter promising to rub my feet and paint my toenails every now and then. And she did it too. Awesome! (Kristy Metcalfe Nelson)

- My Mother-in-law loves to be the hostess so we are getting her a new silverware caddy for the picnic season. I haven't totally decided what to put in each section of the caddy yet...probably new picnic eating utinsils and some cloth napkins with the kids handprints painted on.  (Melisa Harker)

- A clean house!
- You could make aprons or shirts or something with all their children's handprints, even if they are all grown up. Good one for grandparents day with the grandkids handprints or footprnts too. "I would walk a thousand miles for my mom/Gramma" whichever is appropriate.  (Rebecca Klock Hill)

- Homemade cards are great, my Mother-in-law keeps hinting she needs more. I guess I better get started!!  (Shauna Buhler Kemp)
- Have the kids make some mosaic stones for the yard or garden!  (Shayleen Johnson Lunt)

- We wrote Mad-libs of stories we remembered from our childhood. Then my mom had to give us the nouns, adjectives, places, words of exclamation, etc. We entered them in and then had a good time laughing together when we read them outloud. :)  (Amy Willis Johnson)
- I made photo books for my mother and mother-in-law.  (Lynsey Stoddard Cuff)
- Family pictures are always a great Mothers Day gift.  (Debbie Cartwright Neff)

- Make her an apron! I made my MIL an apron and she loves it.  (Joan Blinn Lynn)

- Chocolate covered strawberries

- I'm getting mine President Uchtdorf's new book, "The Remarkable Soul of a Woman".  (Jean Hunting)
- I am actually thinking about giving Aloe plants to my sisters/in-laws and mothers. I think it's all about emergency preparedness and fresh aloe is the best! Besides that, aren't they the hardest things to kill off?  (Melanee Horton Peterson)
- My husband made calendars for me, my mom and my mother in law last year. They went from May all the way through the following year. Each month had a quote or scripture about motherhood along with a photo. Some were recent and some old of the mom and thier kids! He printed them on cardstock and then took them to Office Max/Depot and had them bind them. It was very inexpensive and a WONDERFUL surprise! We all loved them!  (Melissa Breland Bounds)

- I've been thinking about finding talks and articles from the Ensign that I have really enjoyed and that celebrate motherhood (or remind me about my mom) printing them and binding them. I've heard that a few of the general autority books are like that, talks with a specific theme, but mine would be personalized and half the price!  (Michelle Caldiero Steineckert)

- I am going to make these and put a flannel backing on them and make them into coasters with all the grandkids photos on them.  (Janell Leister Hargrave)

- Spa finder gift certificates! Awesome!  (Gwen Jensen Santisteban)
- In our YW group, we made fabric flower pins. We cut fabric into different size circles using die cuts, and used a heat tool to curl the edges. We put a jewel brad through the center and put a pin on the back. They turned out super cute.  (Sydney Carter Solomon)

- Make a photo birthday calendar like this one.  It was a big hit with my mom at Christmas!  (Jennifer Butler)

- I made journal jars for my Mother's last year...they loved them : )  (Shannon Connelly Bush)
- How about an herb garden?? One year I had my kids plant herbs in pots and make little plant markers. It was a gift that was useful and lasted a while. Another year we rewrote the song "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music and changed the lyrics to include all of my mom's favorite things then we sang it to her on mother's day :) She loved it (she laughed, she cried...)  (Lori Dunkley)

- My pack is making vases from root beer bottles. Just put on small pieces of masking tape to cover the bottle and use brown shoe polish and paint the bottle. When it dries, it will look like cork. For the flowers for the face, we are making tulips out of cardboard egg cartons.  (Annalee Gilbert)

- 8 by 8 scrapbook  (Lindsey Jenson Cortes)
- My mom is getting some Pampered Chef stainless steal bowls and a ward cook book that's currently being put together.  (Lisa Parberry)
- I like the apron idea because my mom always wore aprons and so do my sisters and I. I have a cute story (see below)  about aprons if anyone is interested. The aprons can be plain or frilled up.  (Carla Barnum)

THE APRON by Mae R. Winters

One of the fondest memories that I have of my mother is her apron. She always wore one. It was a large straight affair gathered at the waist, with strings that fastened in the back and tied in a bow. The apron was very full. I am sure it had in it several yards of material, gingham or calico for everyday, and fine white lawn or linen, with handmade lace on the bottom, for best. I distinctly remember a very special one, with knitted lace insertion an inch or so wide, with the same matching lace on the bottom. There was always at least one pocket, but usually two large ones.

The white apron was for very special occasions: Relief Society homemaking activities, special quiltings, and parties for the sisters. Sunday afternoon it enhanced Mother’s best black dress.  The everyday one, slow to show dirt, was edged all around with bias tape of contrasting color. I was most impressed with this apron. Its uses were limitless. It made a basket for eggs gathered from the chicken coop, or from a nest found in the tall weeds or grass. Many times Mother would bring in a brood of fluffy yellow chickens in the apron, the bottom edge being brought up to form a temporary nest. The mother hen, squawking and stirring up a fuss, would follow behind. Mother transferred the chickens from a stolen nest to the protection of the stable. The same apron was used, by giving it a swish, to frighten chickens from the flower bed or back porch.

To dry a tear from a child’s face, wipe away the dirt, and comfort the children, the apron seemed to be made for this purpose. For a game of hide-and-seek there was never a better place to hide than under the apron, for, with our heads under, and our feet sticking out, we were completely hidden. Kindling and firewood, vegetables and fruit found their way into the kitchen by way of the apron route. When company came unexpectedly, the apron was hastily used as a duster on the dining table or buffet.

Using it for a pot holder to remove hot pans from the stove, the apron was ideal to lift the stove lid off with the aid of the stove lifter, which saved many burned fingers. A flip of the apron would also scatter the flies, as they hovered about the screen at the kitchen door on a fall afternoon. It also served to wipe a perspiring brow after standing at the hot stove all day canning fruit.

Almost everything could be found in the apron pockets: a spool of thread, lost buttons, peppermint candy, cookies, handkerchiefs, bits of paper, a pencil, a piece of string, safety pins, and a coin or two.

For me, there is a never-to-be-forgotten memory of the little ones curled up on Mother’s lap as she rocked them and pulled a corner of the big apron over their feet and legs, not alone for warmth, but as a sort of drawing them closer into her wonderful ways.

She was a pioneer mother, with love to go around and around, and her wonderful apron was just one way of showing it.
Tucked away in my chest of memories is one of her ever-useful aprons. In these days of sometimes forgotten aprons, it suggests to me that perhaps my own children and grandchildren have missed some very valuable lessons of life for the lack of a big apron. A very special accessory!

- This is my favorite blog and they have a ton of great ideas.  (Leah Young Hoogland)
- Tupperware has some great gift ideas!  You can't go wrong with Tupperware!  (Kalli Collins)

- My favorite is when my children and husband put their handprints in paint on a dish towel with the year...  (Nica Poole Gardiner)
- Scentsy!  (Alyssa Bergeson Braegger)

- I am making photo magnets with these little heart shaped see thru stones I found at a craft store. They are clear and I've taken alot of pics of my kids and zoomed out so they are tiny and I'm glue them to the back so the marble magnifies it and then glueing on a magnet, and keeping some for myself. My kids are 2 and 6 so they are each decorating a card for each gma and I'll add a photo of the two of them together after. So photo gifts but stepped up a bit because who can't use more magnets especially when u have little ones making artwork for you.  (Linda N Rayner)
- I don't know if you have young kids that like to sing, but we give recordings of our kids singing all kinds of songs.... Primary, songs from movies, nursery rhymes. I've even sang some duets with my 5 yr old, "A Childs Prayer" & "Dont Go Breakin' My Heart". My husband has a recording studio so it makes it easy for us. But they make FUN presents for grandparents. They love them.  (Jami Harper Baker)

- The best gifts I have received for Mother's Day were: a special letter that my husband wrote to me (love & appreciation--who doesn't need that?) and the other one was when my daughter-in-law and daughter made dinner for me and surprised me! (2 different occasions). That was so nice and unexpected!! I loved 'em! :)  Also, here's another idea--I had all my kids & their spouses write down their testimony and 1 special experience for me, then I put them in a folder. I read them over and over and it makes me feel good. It didn't cost them anything, but to me they are priceless!! :)  (Carla Barnum)

- Perhaps write a poem about each lady!! I haven't read the ideas but will tell you about something touching I saw one time. I work as an OT. Awhile ago, we had an older gentleman who had a terminal condition. One day he asked me to read a poem his son had written him. It was a framed poem all about the dad and how wonderful he was and how much he meant to that son. The dad was in tears (in part due to lability due to his conditon) as this was read.  (Juanita Verma)

- A flower to plant in the yard or a wind chime.  (Ashley Schnur)

- I have seen a do-it-yourself blog called that directs to other blogs and projects. On it, I found a pattern for a "Snuglet" (cross between a slanket and a snuggli), a blanket with sleeves. I know it's a little too warm for one of those right now, but maybe a thought for Christmas? (Susan Anderson Garcia)

- I only ever give photos of my children as gifts to the grandparents any more. It's the only thing that seems to make them really happy. There are a lot of creative ways to frame/scrap/present them. (Gina Fratangelo Little)

- Give them Scentsy!!  (Jill Sprague Harp)

- Money is always nice...but give it in a money lei (you've seen the graduates with all the leis). And when you give it to her, make sure you give her a's tradition. I have a post on how to make them here.  (Noreen Reyes Noble)

- The mom's in our family ♥ the shutterfly books. ( - they are pretty easy to put together!  (Jennifer Perkins)

- Give her pictures of her being a mom... or a colage of old and new mom's in her life. ... or a collection of you favorite pictures of you and your mom.... have fun with the connected frames. .. who says the glass has to be over the pictures. One of my favorites is several mini pictures framed scrapbook style.  (Cindy Herget- Donaldson)

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