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by Jeanette Voss of Easter Time! / ga04012010


Three paper plates
Things to decorate your tomb (gray, brown, green construction paper, flower/insect stickers)
Brads (Brass Fasteners)
Packing tape
Yarn or string
White glue
Easter Characters page
Easter Scriptures page
Tomb instructions page

1. Cut a three inch hole in the first paper plate.  This is the opening of the tomb.

2.With another paper plate cut a four inch circle out to cover the three inch hole.  This is your stone.

3. Attach your stone to the tomb opening with the brad (brass fastener). Cut a four inch circle from brown or gray construction paper and cover your stone circle.
4. Decorate your tomb with a tree, flowers, and insects.  Cover your decorations with packing tape. You will stick your characters to your tomb and you don't want the decorations to get ruined.

5. Cut the tomb instructions to fit on the back of the your last plate. Glue in place and then cover with packing tape. This is where you will keep your characters.

6. Cut about 15" of yarn or string. Glue the ends to the 10'clock and 2'oclock positions of your bottom/back plate.

7. Staple the two plates together.

8. Print out the Easter characters. Turn your paper over and print the scriptures on the back.

9. Color and cut out the characters. Cover the scriptures on the back with packing tape.

10. Use regular scotch tape to attach your characters to your tomb as you act out the story.

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