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by Heather Loverde of The Creative Homemaker / ga03262010

Heather writes, "Since our children are little and have extra energy during our Family Home Evenings, I figured that maybe having a personalized Magic Carpet would help(at least for the lesson). I am so excited to use them on Monday Night(even though they have already tried them out)!

1 - I called around to a few of our local carpet supply stores and asked for the "discontinued carpet samples", they let me have them for FREE.  (I did have to go back 5 times to keep checking-so worth it though!)

2 - In the corner there was a plastic name plate. I just used a really sharp box knife and got as close to the name plate as I could to cut it off.

3 - I got similar colored fabric(discounted home furnishing fabric-its thicker) to match the carpet. Cut 4 strips of fabric([2] 3-1/2 inch x17 & [2] 3-1/2 x 27 inch).

4 - Using your glue gun, glue along each edge attaching the strip of fabric. Press down on the fabric, to make sure it adhered. Do all 4 sides and then flip over.

5 - Hot glue front side edges. NOTE: I didn't sew any seams!

6 - Around all 4 sides cut 1/2 inch slits.

7 - Ruff it up by rubbing your hand across back and forth a few times (really fast).

8 - To personalize it for each family member, cut a 3 inch wood circle "button". Sand edges really well so its not too sharp.

9 - Cut ribbon pieces into 3 1/2 inch strips. Fold in 1/2 & glue to the back side.

10 - Finished back side of "button".

11 - Using a long thick needle and thin matching ribbon pull thru (using pliers) the carpet.

12 - Tie up the button, with double knots.

13 - Use a sharpie marker to write the family members' name.

14 - All done and ready to use! I will use these for Family Night but I'm also excited to use them for General Conference also.

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