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Linda writes, "I noticed that the sister who has been doing powerpoints must be taking a needed break.  Here's a powerpoint---not as good as hers, but my children need this kind of presentation....  I've also included a copy of the "ring-circle" attention activity for the start of the lesson."
Comments (7)
  • Shanell

    Thank you so much! My children just love these!

  • Shari

    Thanks so much. Our class loves these! :lol:

  • Judy Teuscher

    I would like to use the power point presentations but wondered if I need permission or a password to use them at the church where I teach Primary?

  • cortney

    thanks so much for filling in!!!!! my kids just LOVE the power points!!!!!

  • Ericka Covalt

    Thanks for doing this Linda! I hadn't realized not everyone has had stake conference yet and that I wasn't current. Thanks again! Ericka

  • C.Atnip

    what a fine way to present such a beautiful scripture story. I plan to use this as part of our FHE this next week. Thank you.

  • Anonymous  - re:
    Shari wrote:
    Thanks so much. Our class loves these! :lol:



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