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Shanna writes, "I think I was feeling the green this week as I long for Spring and of course St. Patty's Day is around the corner.  Since it IS already Thursday and I am running behind as usual... I tried to keep this simple. I created two different pdf's of this so you could print the green version like mine or just go with a classic black and mount it on any color you'd like. Here they are:

Green BISHOP handout
Black Bishop handout

Once I printed it out onto white cardstock I mounted it on some black as a frame. Then I tied the black cording around the bottom and to the front onto the heart. Last, I glued it to the patterned paper and trimmed.

Easy Peasy!"  ♥

Comments (4)
  • christine dorney

    love this ~ very creative

  • Barb

    Hi Shanna!! Thank you SO MUCH for you beautiful and creative handouts, i draw so much inspiration from them!

    This week's handout is so great! One thing though, you spelled "Temporal" incorrectly... Hope this helps!


  • Shanna Vineyard

    Thanks for your sweet comments Barb! It actually only looks like an "e" because the photo is small. If you click on the pdf link you can see the word clear and that it's spelled correctly. Thanks!


  • Cindy Peirce

    I always look forward to seeing what great ideas you come up with. I love your inspiration. Thanks so much!
    It brightens my life.

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