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Brooke writes, "Here is a fun twist on the "Don't eat Pete" game that I made for my children....It is "Don't eat Cupid". 

How to play: Send the first player away from the game board or into another room, then have the remaining players choose which one of the twelve people on the game board will be "Cupid" for that round. Place one M&M in each square of the game board. Have the first player come back and begin picking and eating M&M's from the game board. As soon as the player tries to pick "Cupid" everyone yells "Don't Eat Cupid!" The player keeps all the M&M's picked up before trying to get Cupid. Refill the game board and play again with the next player. 

You can use cereal or other small snack foods as well as any type of small candy for this game."

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