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Cathy writes, "This is a photo of the Youth Temple Recommend Holders that we made.  We downloaded pictures of the Gila Valley Temple and sized them to fit the insurance holders.  Then we laminated them and hot glued them on.  We did a variety of pictures of the temple so they could choose the one they liked the best.

We were so excited for the youth to have their own recommend holder and keep their year recommend in a special place.  Our temple will be dedicated in May and our goal is to help all the youth have a recommend in our ward by then."

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  • Anonymous

    Love..Love..Love..this idea. Lucky YW to have leaders that work so hard for them :-) Lots of work but worth every minute:) Can't wait to see what they come up with next..

  • Anonymous

    Cathy, Awesome idea. Where did you get the insurance folders. found them on line but we don't need 250.

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea. Thank you for sharing. Where do you get insurance holders?

  • Anonymous

    I saw that amazon has them a set of 3 insurance holders for about 5 bucks. What a great idea, I love it!

  • Anonymous

    I am glad you enjoyed the idea. I bought the insurance holders at CVS Pharmacy. Wal-Mart does't carry them anymore. The company that sells them to CVS said they also sell them at Wal-Greens. Auto stores may have them as well. Enjoy. :lol:

  • Anonymous

    So totally random, but Cathy, I think we are related! Kinda! I am Misty, Greg's daughter! I saw your name and then clicked the link and thought "surely there can't be 2 Cathy Konopnicki's that would visit the Gila Valley temple!" Great idea! :)

  • angela

    :-) amei!!!!!vou fazer para nossoa jovens

  • Eileen

    I found them online at Office Depot! Some Office Depots locations carry them in their stores. This is such a wonderful idea!

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