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Comments (13)
  • Susan Tanner

    I am looking for the words to the rhyme "I'll close my eyes and bow my head and reverent revent be......that is all I can remember can you help>

  • Anonymous

    "i fold my arms, i bow my head.
    i close my eyes, & the prayer is said". :)

    thats what we used to say during my primary

  • Bryan Ethington

    I am looking for any ideas on the lesson in the Behold Your Little Ones #17 , Please does anyone have any ideas?

  • Sandy Montague

    Looking for boy scouting merit badge activities. Any ideas or helpful websites?

  • Sandy Montague

    I looking for Scouting activities. Any ideas or websites you know of?

  • Anonymous

    :) Something to do with communicator for (cub scout)?

  • Sparks- Chellee Phillips

    I can't seem to register. Cookies are enabled, and I can't understand a session expiring as I'm entering data to register.
    Please help!

  • Sparks- Chellee Phillips

    I'm trying to register, but error message keeps saying that I need to refresh the page and enable cookies (this is while I'm entering data needed to register). Please help.

  • Janet Nielsen

    the clipart page won't accept my user name and password. I reset them, but still cannot get into the site. Please Help!

  • kathleen t.ross  - new ctr6*7

    I have been trying to get on this sight for about a week. Every password or usernamethat I put in none work.

  • celia

    Does anyone know where I can get ideas for a very small and inexperienced ward choir? :dry:

  • Anonymous

    I used the information in the back of the hymn book. I Was very inexperienced. Those ideas worked really well we all gained a lot of experience

  • Sandra pitcher  - seminary

    I am looking for seminary stake scripture mastery night ideas involving between 80 and 100 youth.

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