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OBJECTIVE - Each young woman will seek to develop an
uplifting environment in her life now and in the future.

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 Steadfast and Immovable
 The Idea Door


Attention Getter by Sharon Archer
I didn't teach this, but last week the other advisor taught it. She set up the classroom very cozy. She had some small pillows sitting on some chairs, and some chenille throws hanging over the backs of them. She put a glade plug in in the room to make it smell good. ( you can't burn candles in the church). She had Manheim Steamroller's "Still, Still, Still" playing in the background. She didn't say anything as the girls came in, but just
listened and watched. They talked for a few minutes, then she said what she noticed. (one girl was humming to the music, one had picked up a pillow and put it in her lap, etc.) She asked how they felt when they came into the classroom. (Idea by Cindy in Arizona)
Instead of having the girls brainstorm up the conditions they can and cannot control, I typed up all the suggestions the manual gave, cut them up and put them into two separate gift bags. I labeled one bag "Can Control" and the other "Cannot Control." Before they came into class I rolled up some tape and placed it on the front of each bag, so when they drew out and read what it said they could place it on the front of the bag.  This way if they tuned me out during the lesson they could at least look at the bags and what they read.  This lesson went by a lot faster than I thought it would so be sure and plan for more time fillers in case you need them. (Idea by Regina)
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Comments (5)
  • marianne hansen

    wonderful idea on attention getter, I really appreciated that one :lol:

  • Becca Morgenegg

    Thank you so much for your helps. They are awesome!!!

  • Angie Welsh

    For an attention getter on this lesson, I placed two chairs at the front of the class. The first was a nice soft chair from the releif society room, the other was a banged up folding chair from the cultural hall. I dusted chalk on the folding chair, and dropped some crumbs in the seat. Then I called one of the girls to come take a seat in the front of the room. When she chooses the nicer seat, I ask her why, and then segwayed into the lesson. Later I tied the dirty chair into having a dirty physical or spiritual environment.

  • Katie

    There's a good New Era Q&A article about why decorating rooms with uplifting images is important. answers?lang=eng

  • Sara

    Because it is the week before Christmas I am going to relate it to Mary and the environment in which she had to have the baby Jesus. There were things she could control and things she couldn't, but she did the best with of what she had.

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