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PURPOSE OF THIS LESSON - To help the children understand that they are spirit children of Heavenly Father and that he has a plan that will help them become like him and return to live with him again.

1. Primary 6 Lesson Cards by Letitia Drabsch - Handout Idea

2. Heavenly Father's Plan (File Folder Game)

3. Heavenly Father's Plan by Lisa (A sharing time idea that could be adapted)

4. You are Eternal Hand Puppet (Taken from the March 1986 Friend Magazine)

5. Plan of Salvation Booklet

6. Chicken Scratch 'n Sniff

7. Valiant Newsletter by Debra Nelson

8. Object Lesson - Show a pattern (any kind) or blue print.  Show it to the class and tell them that builders use blueprints (or people use patterns) to build and make things.  Help the class understand that the blueprint tells the builder what he must do to build the house.  If the builder does not follow the directions on the blueprint, he will not be able to build the house.  Tell the class that the Plan of Salvation is like a blueprint.  It shows us what we must do to become like Heavenly Father.  If we obey the Plan of Salvation we can go back to Heavenly Father and we can become like Him.

9. Heavenly Father's Plan for Us (Power Point Presentation) by Ericka Covalt

10. Heavenly Fathers Plan for Us by Ericka Covalt and David Hill - Power Point Presentation
11. My Life Has A Plan (from the March 2008 Friend Magazine - see photo on right).  Answers: 1) f, 2) i, 3) g, 4) e, 5) h, 6) b, 7) c, 8) d, 9) a, 10) j.    [pdf] []

12. Activity Idea - (Here is an idea from the 2011 Primary Outline)   Show the children a picture of a house. Explain that builders need to have a house plan before they can build a house. Ask, "Why is it important to make and follow plans?" Hold up the scriptures, and tell the children that we can find Heavenly Father's plan for us in the scriptures. Write on the board "Heavenly Father has a plan for me." Read the sentence together.

Write the following questions on the board...

- Who am I?
- Where did I come from?
- Why am I here?
- What will happen to me after I die?

Give each child a piece of paper with one of the following words written on it: who, where, why or what. Read the first question on the board together, and ask all the children holding the word who to stand up. Sing, "I am a child of God" (CS, 2-3) and ask the children who are standing how they would answer the question. Repeat with each question, using the following songs:
where - "I lived in heaven" (CS, 4)
why - "I will follow God's plan" (CS, 164-65)
what - "Did Jesus really live again?" (CS, 64)

13. Craft Page - Although this was created for Sunbeams, it could still be used for this age group.  They would just make themselves and the world more detailed. 

14. Plan of Salvation Worksheet by Sara Douglass - Created for a young women lesson but could be used for this lesson.

15. Primary 6 Passport Booklet by Melanie Day

16. Plan of Salvation Door Hanger

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