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by Hattie Harris / ga08262009

Hattie writes, "I made these up for ease, having it all in one place instead of constantly looking through the cub's book. I thought I would share for anyone needing simple, easy, all on one sheet tracking information."

CLICK HERE to open Webelos Activity Badge tracking chart.

CLICK HERE to open Webelos Scout Advancement activity badge.

CLICK HERE to open Webelos Scout Advancement tracking chart.

CLICK HERE to open pin tracking chart.
Comments (11)
  • Terry F.

    This is a great chart. I believe that it needs to be updated. While at Day Camp our cubs earned the Hiking and Kickball belt loops and they are not on this chart.

  • Ryan Adams

    Thanks! This is a huge help. The most difficult part about Scouting is the record keeping. This will really improve our process. Our current process is "did you do that already, Tim?" Doesn't go over well.

  • Jennifer B.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This is just what I was looking for. I appreciate your willingness to share your work in creating these great charts.

  • Bergen

    Thank you for posting these! I began to create my own but just knew someone had it on the internet!! Thank you for saving me time!!

  • DEW

    Thanks so much, my co-leader was just asking about tracking sheets and I told him to "google it"! Glad I found these for him! Question: what do the numbers in column B of the Webelos Acivity Badge tracking stand for?

  • Linda T

    Thank you so much! Saved me the time of creating these!

  • Sheila cooper

    :cry: Icannot get this to print...I get a blank page. Any suggestions? This looks great!!

  • Becky7826

    They all print but the first one...which is the one I really wanted. I just prints a blank page :( any idea why?

  • KathleenC

    Thank you so much! I have printed off the badge tracking and the scout advancement forms. Great job!

  • jewels2965

    These will be so helpful. I got the 1st three, but the last one ( pin tracking chart) it can't find the page. Thanks again for putting these together.

  • KrisT

    Thank you so much for sharing these great helps. I am having a hard time printing the Webelos Activity Badge Tracking Chart, it just comes out blank even after I downloaded the file.

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