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Jesus Christ was Baptized

by Melanie Day


Attention Getter - Have two children come to the front of the room and face each other, and hold hands above their heads to form an area other children can walk under. Explain that these children represent a very important gate. Tell the children that this gate is the entrance to the strait and narrow path that leads to eternal life. You or a child read 2 Nephi 31:17. Explain that one of the first steps to eternal life is going through the gate (being baptized). Have the children walk through the gate.  Write each of the following phrases on a separate piece of paper:

For the remission of our sins

To become members of the Church

So we can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost

To be obedient

To get on the strait and narrow path

Choose a few children to pass through the gate.  As each child goes through, hand him or her one of the papers to post on the board.  Explain that these are reasons why we must be baptized.  Jesus Christ was baptized too to set an example for all of us.


Lesson - Before we can be baptized, something important must happen. Tell them to listen as you sing or say the words to this song (I like my birthdays) about baptism. Explain that you will leave out one word. That word is also a number. Ask the children to listen and see if they can tell what the missing word is.  They are to raise their hands when they know what word you left out.

I like my birthdays, ev’ry one;
Each brings a greater joy to me.
But I can’t wait until I’m _________,
For then I’ll be baptized, you see.

• What was the missing word? (Eight.)

When we turn eight years old, we can be baptized. Right now, you should be getting ready for when you turn eight years old and can be baptized.

Explain that when we are baptized we make covenants (promises) with Heavenly Father. We promise to obey his commandments, forgive others, and follow Jesus Christ. In return, he accepts us into the Church and promises to guide and help us.

Display picture of Jesus being baptized and tell the story (see Matthew 3:13–17). Read as much of this scripture to the children as they can understand.

• Who baptized Jesus? (John the Baptist)


Point out that Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized because John had the priesthood authority to baptize.  To baptize Jesus, John the Baptist took him down into the waters of the Jordan River. After saying the baptismal prayer, John placed him completely under the water. Then John brought him out of the water.

Explain that to be baptized by being completely covered by water and coming back up out of the water is called baptism by immersion. Have the children repeat the words baptism by immersion.

GAME - Gather eight small rocks and using a Sharpie marker, write the answer to each of the following questions on a rock.  Then, ask all the children a question and choose one child to come forward and find the answer among the rocks.  Have them put the answers on a table in the correct if they don't get the right answer, that's okay.  At the end, review each answer and have the group tell you if the answer is correct or needs to be changed. (You can use any questions you are a few to give you a start...)

Activity - Draw a footprint on a piece of paper for each child. Write "I will follow Jesus Christ" on each footprint. Let the children color or decorate the footprints.  As each child finishes their footstep, have them tape the footprints on the wall in a trail leading to a picture of Christ (you may need to post a picture of Christ if you don't have one in your Primary room).  

Other Optional Activities -

- If there is a baptismal font in the building where you meet, arrange to take the children to see it.


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