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 Mothers Are Special - Especially Mine by Carrie Blakely
 Mother's Day Quarterly Activity by Tiffany Keetch
 Mother's Day Service Activity by Carey Miller - Primary Quarterly Activity Idea
Motherhood Activity


Are we not all mothers? by Sheri Dew
 Behold Thy Mother by Thomas S. Monson
 Our Sacred Duty to Honor Women by Russell M. Nelson


Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers from (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)
Mother's Day - Life Saver Wrapper from


 Book of Kisses by Jennifer Johnson
 Ideas from U-Create
Floral Pen
Dime On Pins
Mother's Day Flowers Craft Idea
 Mother's Day Marble Magnets
Muffin Cup Flowers
Posey Pins for Mothers Day by Kimberly Harvey
Rose Bud
Watering Can


Family Home Evening Lesson #1 on Mothers from Deseret Book
Family Home Evening Lesson #2 on Mothers  from Deseret Book


Mothers of Value by Uigi Ngata


Edible Flower Bouquet
Lotion with this poem
Make your own bath salts or baby powder for mom
Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Primary
 Mother's Day Poem and Trail Mix by Jami Merrill
Service Coupons for mom
 Sundae Bath Salts by Chrys
 What are some fun Mother's Day Gift Ideas?


Mother's Day Flower Printable by Sheri Huber
Mother's Day Newspaper Printable by K. Arritt
 Mother/Daughter Song by Brooke Colvin
Motherhood - Our Divine Nature
 Mothers Day Printable
 Mothers Day Questionnaire by Lauralee Lemon
My Mother, My Friend (poem printable)
 No matter what...


 What Mom's really want for Mother's Day


 Honor thy Father and thy Mother
 The Sacred Role of Fathers and Mothers


A Mother - Author Unknown
Divide the class up into groups and give each group a different part of the Family Proclamation. Each of the groups picks what the proclamation says in their part about a mother's roll, then talk about it.
 Scriptures about Mothers
You could use a diamond/gem/crystal theme, and bring out the "many facets" of a mother, and how no two mothers/gems are exactly the same, nor do they need to be.  There are some of the Christmas lights that have gem like covers that could be used in decorating.  You could make rock candy - the kind that crystallizes on a string/stick, and make each table a different color signifying a different gemstone.  For a woman who is not yet a mother, you might make an analogy to a geode - where all the crystals are developing on the inside waiting to be opened, and at some point they will. (Idea by Deborah Woods)


I love you mother by Nikki Tait
Mom, you're the best by Tarryn Bricknell
 Mother, do you love me / Teach me to walk in the light - arrangement by Alethia Schnoor
 Mother, Tell Me The Story 
My Mother, My Daughter, March 1998, New Era
 Taught by their mothers by Amber Tilley
When Mother Bakes


 Happy Mother's Day, Mom
 Motherhood: An eternal partnership with God
 Mothers and Daughters
 My New Life
 The privilege of motherhood


A thank you kit for mom
A tribute to Gordon B. Hinckley's Mother
It's great to be a mom
Mom Sayings
 Mother's Day Bulletin Board by Stephanie Finlayson
Special Coupons for Mom
The easiest part of being a mother is giving birth 
When I had young children at home we formed a play/preschool group twice a week. There were 8 kids in the group so you only had to do it once a month. We had play time, color time, snack time, school time, music time, tv time, lunch time and nap time and stuff like that. It was for 6 hours. This gave much needed relief to 8 women. (Carole Reynolds)


A box of love
 A girl in a whirl
 A psalm for mother (cute!)
 A tribute to mother
A woman
 Before I was a mom....
 Mom & Me Moment by Jenny Iverson
 Mother's Day Hands by Rebecca Hicken
 Mother's Day Poem and Trail Mix by Jami Merrill
 Mother's Hands by Lois J. Funk
 Mother's Hands by Mike Jensen
 My Mother Taught Me....
 One Flaw in Women
Poem to go with a heart pin
To my friend by Shel Eldridge
 To my other mother - one of my favorites!
Warrior Brave & True
 When I'm an old lady


Mother's Day Scripture Search by Laurette Woodward


Mother/Father Questionnaire by Sheri Stevens


 One Liners
 Quick Quotes


 An interview with Helaman and his Stripling Warriors
 Guess the Mom Game by Kim Clayton
 Lots of Mother's Day Sharing Time Ideas
 My Mom....
Remembering Mothers by Misti Lee
Stories of each prophet's mothers


Patti Perfect
 Real Mothers by Mary Hamilton
 See Mother Run!
Stories of each prophet's mothers
 The Invisible Mom
 This is for you all


Your Greatest Challenge, Mother - President Hinckley discusses the values that mothers should teach their children. Originally given at the general Relief Society meeting held 23 September 2000. 22 min. (Video Clip 2)

Comments (5)
  • Debbie Huber

    This Sunday for Mother's Day, I'm going to combine two ideas from here. I'm going to use the idea about the roles that mom's are. I will have an item for each role (nurse - first aid kit, chef - apron, etc). I'll put each item in it's own bag and make them mystery bags. I'll have a child pick a bag. Before opening the bag I'll read the clue but say "My mommy's a _____ who fixes and patches..." and have them fill in the blank. Then we'll pull out the item to see if they're right. Then for each role I'll tie in stories about the prophet's moms and find one story that will go with each role, i.e. Nurse - Joseph Smith's mom, caring for him before and after surgery on leg.

  • Lorene

    What a TON of great ideas! I made a chapstick label for mom's here: mothers-day.html
    if you'd like to check it out -- it is a great, easy & USEFUL gift to give mom's!

  • Rochelle

    Just wanted to pass along a fun idea for Mother's day! It was cheap & not too hard! I'm SO excited about how they turned out! We were able to make 120 necklaces for about $5. (we only had to buy the shrinky dink paper, which was $7 minus a 40% off coupon!) We have papers with boy & girl stick figures on them. Then you trace the figures onto Shrinky Dink paper, let the kids color them in with colored pencils & punch holes at the top & write names (if wanted), then bake them & make into necklaces or whatever else you wanted. all the kids had so much fun coloring them, and the older kids really got into them with polka dots & stripes, etc. So fun! If moms have more than 1 child in primary, they could combine their necklaces so there would be more than 1 little shrinky-dink charm on it, separated by a pony bead. These would be great for Grandmas too!The pictures of them show how cute they are, but I don't know how to attach a picture here.:(

  • Karina Cuellar

    Do any of you wonderful ladies have a cute card that I could make for mothers day this coming Sunday? I'm really going crazy because I don't have anything for Sunday and our Primary is huge, well, for me I know there are bigger, we have 80 kids on attendance every Sunday, Thanks for your help!!!!

  • Suzanne

    I decided to play a matching game of all that moms do. I printed clipart of pictures of moms baking, reading, helping with homework, a van (for driving), playing at the park, cooking, cleaning and a big heart for loving. At the end I am reading the poem from Pres Monson's talk in 1998 "Which Loved Best" and passing out die cut awards for the kids to write an award for their mom of what she does best.

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