For April we have chosen Joseph Smith's First Prayer. On a poster board I had a grove of trees drawn and laminated.
Vs1 cutout of sun, bees, birds,(enough for all children if there is a smaller primary) musical staff, Joseph kneeling.
Sing the song and ask the children to stand when they think they know what the hymn is about (probably when "grove" is sung, or as soon as "Joseph" is sung. Sing the hymn again and have the children put the pictures on the board.Sing the hymn again and ask if they noticed anything about the ending of the verse (repeating lines)
Vs2 sing Vs1 again and have the children add the pictures again to the board. Sing Vs2. Add a cut out of Joseph, add a dark cloud over head when singing deep despair. Talk about Joseph feelings/characteristics in the grove. Humble,appealing, 1st uttered prayer, despair, undaunted, trusted (word strips for older children).
Vs3. Build the board again as they sing the first two verses. Add while singing Vs3. Fo...