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*** BEFORE Primary begins, write out on the chalkboard (or on a posterboard) the lyrics to The Still Small Voice.  By doing this in advance it won't take time away from your Sharing Time.  Keep in mind that if you do a seperate sharing time for junior and senior, you'll need to write it out twice, whether on the chalkboard or posterboard.  You'll also need to bring from home two highlighter markers.

Have you ever gone on a long trip? How did you know which direction to go in to reach your destination? Did you follow a road map? Did you follow the road signs? These things can help us find our way when we travel here on earth.

All of us are on a very important journey—a journey back to our heavenly home. Our destination is the Celestial kingdom, where we can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father has provided a “map” to guide us as we travel back to Him. It is called the Plan of Salvation, or the Plan of Happiness. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Lord’s commandments are like road signs to help us reach our destination.

SONG: I will follow God's plan (pg. 164)

Heavenly Father trusts us to follow His plan on our journey through life. He planned that each of us would come to earth, gain a body, show that we would obey His commandments, and follow the example of His Son, Jesus Christ.

When we are baptized, we open the gate to the path back to Heavenly Father. We must be baptized to enter the celestial kingdom. And we must be baptized before we can receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost will help us choose the right and stay on the path.  When we are baptized, we are following the example of Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father is pleased when we are baptized, because we are on the path that leads back to Him. The Savior said that He did it to “fulfill all righteousness”. He was baptized to show that He would obey Heavenly Father’s commandments.  As we travel here on earth, we must watch carefully all along the road for the signs that tell us where to turn, when to stop, and when to be extra cautious.

Once you make the commitment to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized, He blesses you with a special gift.  Does anyone know what that gift is??  (Holy Ghost)

STORY - Share the following story called Warm Bath.  Use the children and if possible, props.  Ask questions about the story and how the Holy Ghost can help us.  What is the role of the Holy Ghost and what is our role?  

SONG - The Still Small Voice (pg. 106) - This song helps us understand what the Holy Ghost does.  Have one child use a highlighter marker and highlight our responsibility.  Have another child underline in another color the role of the Holy Ghost.  Review with the children what a huge blessing the Holy Ghost can be when we remain worthy.

SUMMARY - When we obey the commandment to be baptized, we are making an agreement—a sacred promise called a covenant—with Heavenly Father. We promise to keep all of His commandments. Pray daily, study the scriptures, follow the teachings of the living prophet, remember the Savior, pay tithing, treat others kindly, obey our parents—these are some of the important “gospel road signs.” If we obey them, they will help us stay on the path to the Celestial kingdom.  The Holy Ghost will help us in our desires to be good.  Share your testimony.


OBJECT LESSON - The word translated as “baptize” comes from a Greek word that originally meant ‘to dip in dye.’ Bring a small container of water that has been dyed with food coloring or fabric dye. Also bring a small piece of white fabric (or paper). Show the children how the character of the paper is changed when it is dipped/baptized in the colored water. Explain that through baptism, we can become as pure and clean as the water that we are baptized in. (Idea from Times and Seasons)

GAME - Fill the Font from the July 2005 Friend


 January 2000 Sharing Time
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