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1. Handout Idea from Emma's Place

2. I Can Pray To Heavenly Father (Coloring Page)

3. File Folder Game by Megan Mills

4. Prayer File Folder Game by Sara Roylance

5. Prayer Body - Use these pictures of different body parts to discuss what each part should or should not be doing during a prayer.

6. Prayer Puppet

7. Seek guidance through prayer - flannel board story with pictures

Family Home Evening Video Supplement (Video Clip) - 'Heavenly Father Answers Prayers,' 2:42 min. (Video Clip 5)

9. Happy Clean Living

10. Whitney's Prayer Chart

11. Boy and girls prayer charts by Andy Price

12. We can Pray to Heavenly Father by David Hill (Power Point Presentation)

13. We can pray to Heavenly Father printable by Tess Burr

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