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The following ideas and resources may be used to supplement, but not replace, lessons in the Young
Women Manual 1.  Only you have the knowledge and inspiration to know what will work best for your
Young Women.  Perhaps these ideas could be a spring board to your own wonderful ideas.  If you have an
idea or handout you'd like to share, please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 CLICK HERE for the Young Women Resource Guide for 2009 (Manual 1)
 Planning with a purpose by Lizz White (Lesson & Activity Schedule for 2009)


                1                            A Daughter of God                                                             

                2                            Jesus Christ, The Savior                                                     

                3                            Following the Example of Jesus Christ     

                4                            Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost                  

                5                            Finding Joy in Our Divine Potential 
                6                            Finding Joy Now                                                                 

                7                            Homemaking                                                                       

                8                            Attitudes about our Divine Roles                                        

                9                            Honoring Parents                                                                 

                10                          Supporting Family Members                                               

                11                          Growing and Maturing in Self-Reliance, Part One             

                12                          Growing and Maturing in Self-Reliance, Part Two             

                13                          Sustaining Priesthood Bearers                                              

                14                          Patriarchal Leadership in the Home                                     

                15                          The Melchizedek Priesthood                                                

                16                          Women and Priesthood Bearers                                          

                17                          The Purpose of Covenants and Ordinances                          

                18                          Temple Marriage -- Requirement for Eternal Family Life 

                19                          Personal Records                                                                

                20                          Reach Out To Others                                                          

                21                          A Righteous Example Influences Others                               

                22                          Repentance                                                                         

                23                          Forgiveness                                                                       

                24                          Prayer and Meditation                                                       

                25                          Sabbath Day                                                                     

                26                          Testimony                                                                         

                27                          Scripture Study                                                                 

                28                          Resisting Sin

                29                          The Second Coming                                                         

                30                          Service                                                                           

                31                          Group Activities : A Basis for Wise Dating                         

                32                          Personal Purity through Self-Discipline                               

                33                          Avoiding Degrading Media Influences                                

                34                          Worthy Thoughts                                                              

                35                          Living Righteously Amid Pressures                                    

                36                          The Importance of Truth in Living a Virtuous Life             

                37                          Caring For Our Physical Bodies                                      

                38                          Nutrition and the Word of Wisdom                                   

                39                          Drug Abuse                                                                      

                40                          Health Care in the Home                                                   

                41                          The Ability to Succeed                                                      

                42                          Courage to Try                                                                 

                43                          Righteous Living                                                               

                44                          Using Time Wisely                                                           

                45                          The Value of Work                                                          

                46                          The Purpose and Value of Education                               

                47                          Encouraging the Development of Talents                          

                48                          Short-Range Goals as Stepping Stones                             

                49                          Delegating Responsibilities to Others                                 

                50                          To the Young Women Advisor

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