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1. I collected a variety of healthy and not so healthy foods. On two paper grocery bags I put a smiley face or a frowning face. I placed all of the items on the floor and had them sort them as healthy or unhealthy. We discussed the difference being that healthy foods made your body strong and happy while the other foods made your body sick and sad. There were a lot of foods that could go either way. (ie. juice) In these instances we talked about how eating too much of the food could be bad for your body. Some children were also confused about how a food like cookies that tasted good and made them happy could be unhealthy and make their bodies sad. Here we discussed the effects of sugar on your teeth and body. They really learned a lot about foods and their effects on our bodies.

2. Word of Wisdom images by MaryKay Lee

3. Word of Wisdom Clipart and Handouts

4. Coloring page from Christy's Clipart

5. Ask the children why they go to school.  Write their answers on the board.  Tell the class that Joseph Smith started a school for the men in the church.  It was called the School of the Prophets.  Ask them why they think Joseph wanted the men to go to school.  Discuss how the Word of Wisdom came to be.

6. Have the class pretend they are helping Emma Smith clean the room after the men leave: opening the windows to air the room, sweeping, dusting, scraping tobacco off the floor, etc.

7. The Word of Wisdom by Shawna Millard - Power Point Presentation

8. Handout from Emma's Place

9. Dangerous Traps by Drew Jackson

10. D&C 89 Worksheet by BreAnne Bishop 

11. Happy Clean Living

12. Good and bad for us by Jill Aston 

13. Tammy writes, "I made some really simple and fun puppets for the children to decorate to go along with my Primary lesson this week about the Word of Wisdom.  Click here to go to my blog." 

14. Things that are good for your body by Nilynn Stearman

15. The Word of Wisdom by David Hill - Power Point Presentation

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