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I hope these lesson helps are informative.  However, they are just suggestions and in no way meant to replace the lesson manual.  Rather, my intent is to give you extra ideas in case your lesson runs short or to help add to your lesson.  Only you have the inspiration needed to fulfill your calling.  Most of the following suggestions come from, or are adapted from, the Friend Magazine, Primary Manuals or FHE Manuals.  May you be blessed in your efforts to teach the children about our Savior and His gospel.   If you have something that you've prepared and you would like to share it with all of us, feel free to e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom
Primary Manual Picture Index and Equivalent Images by Mary Ann Clements

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Lesson 1: Choose the Right

Lesson 2: Heavenly Father Trusts Us to Follow His Plan 
Lesson 3: The Commandments Help Us Choose the Right 
Lesson 4: Joseph Smith’s Childhood   
Lesson 5: The First Vision
Lesson 6: Jesus Christ’s Church Has Been Restored 
Lesson 7: Faith in Jesus Christ
Lesson 8: The Church of Jesus Christ Has Prophets to Teach Us
Lesson 9: Priesthood Blessings and Ordinances
Lesson 10: Repentance
Lesson 11: Baptism
Lesson 12: The Gift of the Holy Ghost
Lesson 13: The Baptismal Covenant 
Lesson 14: The Word of Wisdom 
Lesson 15: The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon 
Lesson 16: We Can Show Our Faith by Being Obedient
Lesson 17: We Believe the Book of Mormon to Be the Word of God 
Lesson 18: Heavenly Father Helps Us Obey His Commandments 
Lesson 19: Heavenly Father Helps Us When We Pray
Lesson 20: The Holy Ghost Helps Us Know the Truth
Lesson 21: We Receive Great Blessings as Members of Jesus Christ’s Church
Lesson 22: The Atonement of Jesus Christ
Lesson 23: Forgiving One Another  
Lesson 24: The Lord Helps Missionaries 
Lesson 25: I Can Be a Missionary
Lesson 26: The Holy Ghost Can Help Us 
Lesson 27: The Age of Accountability
Lesson 28: Our Parents Help Us Learn
Lesson 29: Having Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
Lesson 30: Jesus Christ Loves Each of Us
Lesson 31: Jesus Christ Wants Us to Love Everyone
Lesson 32: Remembering Jesus Christ When We Take the Sacrament 
Lesson 33: The Sacrament Reminds Us of Our Covenants  
Lesson 34: We Can Pray to Heavenly Father 
Lesson 35: Temples and Eternal Families  
Lesson 36: Showing Love for Jesus Christ  
Lesson 37: I’ll Serve Jesus Christ by Serving Others
Lesson 38: I Can Be Pure and Righteous   
Lesson 39: Showing Love for Our Parents
Lesson 40: Worshiping at Church 
Lesson 41: Fasting Brings Us Closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ  
Lesson 42: Tithing 
Lesson 43: Honoring the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ   
Lesson 44: Do unto Others   
Lesson 45: I Can Be a Good Example for My Family  
Lesson 46: Jesus Christ Made It Possible for Us to Live Forever (Easter) 
Lesson 47: Jesus Christ Was Born on Earth (Christmas)


The Ultimate Gospel Art Collection
Power Point Presentation Schedule for 2013

Comments (13)
  • Glenda Prewitt

    Thank you so much for all you do on this wonderful site!!!!
    I love teaching my class with all the helpful ideas.
    I was trying to open lesson 43, Honoring the Names of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but was unable to open it. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Hope you can help me.,
    Thanks again.

  • Daphna Glauser

    Had the same problem as Glenda Prewik, not being able to open lesson 43. Thanks, though for all the wonderful ideas!

  • Sarah Christensen

    I guess there are a few of us with the same problem of not being able to open lessons 43, 44, & 45. What's up with that???

  • jeanne bennett

    i THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ME BUT i AM GLAD THAT others are having the same problem with coPying lessons 45 thru 47. I need to copy them for subsTHAT WILL BE TEACHING MYCLASS WHILE I AM, GONE FOR cHRISTMAS.

  • Madeline

    I'm pretty sure that the reason we can't open some of the lessons is because there are no ideas or handouts posted for these lessons yet. So if you have some ideas, handouts suggestions for the lessons that are not opening. Please share! :-)

    PS -- Thanks SO much for this site! You must put a lot of time into it and it has turned into a super resources!!

  • Anonymous

    I would really like to print the cutouts for the lesson. Are they avaiable? And you can go to to print the lesson if you need to. But they don't have the cutouts. Thanks for all your hard work

  • Anonymous

    You can print the cut outs by going to the top of this page and clicking on Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom,
    go to the lesson you need and click on cut outs.I love this website, Thank You for all of your hard work.

  • Blandy

    your ideas are wonderful... thanks for sharing them...

  • Ivy Bonhorst

    There are some great Holy Ghost activities and a printable in the July 1997 sharing time of the Friend. Friend/1997.htm/friend%20july%201997.htm/sharing% 20time%20the%20holy%20ghost%20can%20help%20me% 20.htm

  • Maegen Lines  - Thank you so much!

    I try to make use of this every week. I've learned so much, and have been able to use so many things for my children in class & at home! I love love love this site! Thank you so much!! :woohoo:

  • Amanda  - Paper doll cutouts


    I found multinational parer doll colour and cut outs from this site: cultures-paper-dolls-world/paper-dolls-world-asia- I/

    They are brilliant for this lesson!

  • Stacey Jenae

    This is extremely helpful!!! I can't thank you enough!!

  • Anonymous

    HI sugardoodle friends.Ihave just got to be able to log in to the website..I have had alot of good advice and as i search thru it, i am so excited and happy about all the work you primary teachers or other teachers have given and shared your ideas with us ..I am a Primary teacher in ELY 2ND WARD in Ely.. THANX AGAIN..MERRY CHRITMAS TO ALL.....

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