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by Angela Nelson / ga08042008

Angela writes, "There is no ward information on them this time.  I did leave a place for someone to put their ward information on them, though.  I didn't put young women info on them either so that they can be used for Primary, Relief Society, Young Women, and I guess if the men want a flowery binder they could use them too.  Ha Ha!  I used graphics by Kellie Mize."

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Click here to open Binder Cover for President


Click here to open Binder Cover for 1st Counselor


Click here to open Binder Cover for 2nd Counselor


Click here to open Binder Cover for Secretary

Comments (11)
  • Lipi Bagshaw

    Fantastic!! Can't wait to show the YW in our ward their new binders!
    Thank you for all your hard work and sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Love these! Going to use them for our new Beehive presidency binders. Thank you for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    This is such a cute idea. It would be great to have a binder cover for teachers.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! Using them for our new Beehive presidency. Wish there was one for me and my advisor...hint, hint? :-)

  • Amy Holt

    i was wondering how you can put some words on them before printing? any ideas? thanks a bunch! i love them i just got called to be the secretary in relief society! I can't wait to give these to the other leaders! thanks

  • Samantha

    Those are super cute! I love them...but could you post some in different colors like maybe a baby pink and a baby yellow, with baby green??? :-)

  • Rachel

    If you used a photo editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (there's tons more out there like those) you could change the color and add text to the notebook paper strips.

  • Laura H.

    These are sooo so adorable! Thank you for sharing, I'm so excited to use them for my Beehive Class Presidency!

  • Kelli

    These are adorable, but what about one for the advisor?

  • Audrie

    Could you make some for primary girls? :lol:

  • Emily

    I love it! They are so cute! good work! :lol:

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