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"As committed disciples of the Savior, we are improving in our ability to do the things He would do if He were here.  We know that to Him it is our caring that counts, and so we are trying to concentrate on caring about our sisters rather than completing lists of things to do.  True ministry is measured more by the depth of our charity than by the perfection of our statistics."

- Sister Julie B. Beck


OCTOBER 2014: The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: The Bread of Life  [English
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Amy's Basket Designs *
Bow Peep Creations *
Green Jello Salad *
Just Beccuz *
LDS Lane
Latter-Day Village
Life's Journey to Perfection
My Happy Tribe
Pebbles in my Pocket *
Pink Polka Dot Creations
Say This Write
Simple as that
Thankful Me
The Idea Door
Visiting Teaching Ideas


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