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alt I hope they call me on a mission by Andi Gooch
alt Missionary Quarterly Activity by Kristi Sandberg
alt Missionary Scavenger Hunt by Emily Hodges

alt When my son was on his mission, I sent him a birthday box.  I put a cake mix, frosting, disposable pan, tubes of decorator frosting, candles, noise makers, party hats, and anything else I could think of.  I wanted him to have a birthday party even though he was away from home.  He and his companion had been working with a guy and he had been working on his smoking problem.  He had finally quit.  My son used his birthday package to celebrate with that gentlemen.  It turned out even better than I had planned. (Idea by Camille / ga10122006)


alt Where in the world is.... by Tricia Luker - A fun way to support your ward missionaries


alt Labor all your days
alt Twix Missionary Candy Bar Wrapper 
alt "Share it" -Missionary Candy Bar Wrapper by Bonnie Gokey (ga11102007)


alt Mini Missionary Clipart by Liz Anderson
alt Draw a missionary
alt Missionaries by map
alt Missionary leaving


alt My missionary savings bank by Carrie Lyn
alt Missionary Shirt and Card (boys)
alt Missionary Dress (girl)


alt A Chocolate Fountain Family Night by Hope Bingham
alt Ultimate Treasure by Becca Carter
alt Missionary Work


alt M&M Jeopardy by Diane Stumpf
alt Pin the tag on the Missionary- (includes visuals) from LDS Splash (Scroll down)


 Share your ideas of meaningful missionary gifts for newly called missionaries
alt Our family sent scripture picture books to all of my daughter's friends who are serving missions. I scanned pictures from the Gospel Art Kit, then printed them off in a 4x6 size. I bought some inexpensive photo albums (the soft kind that hold 4x6 size pictures) at the dollar store and put a picture on one side and a summary of what the pictures is about on the page opposite. I ended up putting a picture on the inside front cover so I could get more into one photo album. I found short summaries about the picture at They have some of the GAK pictures with summary's online. I tried copying the picture directly from, but they come out too small and too grainy.  I have heard back from several of the missionaries (we sent the photos for Christmas) and they have all loved them! They use them when they are teaching, but also let children they are teaching or meet during their day look at the books too. I made an extra set for my children and my neighbors children to look at during Sacrament meeting. (Idea by Angela in Idaho / ga02242007)


alt Creating a gospel-sharing home by Trudy Montgomery
alt Girl Missionary Figure by Angela Wescott
alt Have you written a missionary lately? by Amber Hansen
alt I can be a missionary now by Megan Good (bookmark)
alt January 2009 Home Teaching Message Printable by Diana Chambers
alt Making our home an MTC by Shaunte Wadley
alt Missionary Paper Bag Puppets by Lexie Borg
alt Missionary Plaque Printable
alt Sharing is caring gift tag by Liz Anderson


alt Did you hear that the church just decided that sixteen-year-olds will be called on missions? The new policy has met with overwhelming approval from the members. The reasoning is that they already know everything and their moms won't cry at their farewells.


alt 10 Gifts to bring home, by President Gordon B. Hinckley
alt The MTC Experience, June 2000 New Era
alt The qualities of a successful missionary by Bruce M. Lake


alt Scripture Care Packages
alt We will be sending one of our missionaries a throw size blanket that has the Primary children's footprints on it w/ their names. This missionary was a Primary teacher when we were spotlighting the children each week and then we traced their foot on this material. The material also reads: I Will Follow God's Plan. (Nikki Hershberger/ga10192006)
alt When my son was on his mission I sent him a birthday box. I put a cake mix, frosting, disposable pan, tubes of decorator frosting, candles, noise makers, party hats, and anything else I could think of. I wanted him to have a birthday party even though he was away from home. He and his companion had been working with a guy and he had been working on his smoking problem. He had finally quit. My son used his birthday package to celebrate with that gentlemen. It turned out even better than I had planned. (Idea by Camille/ga10122006)


Sung to "I hope they call me on a mission" - fun idea for a skit
alt A Missionaries Prayer, March 1984, New Era
alt An Instrument in thy Hands, August 1982, New Era
alt Behold, the field is white, August 1997, New Era
alt Go On A Mission, August 1996 Friend
alt Go Ye Into All The World, August 1987, New Era
alt Holding Hands Around the World, July 2002 Friend by Janice Kapp Perry
alt If Thou Lovest Me, August 1981, New Era
alt My Mission, August 1990, New Era
alt Seeds of truth, August 1991, New Era
alt Somewhere there's somebody waiting, September 1998, New Era
alt We, the Youth in Zion's Army, September 2001, New Era


 alt Called To Serve Music Video


alt  Fishing License
Search and Rescue


alt Discuss the parallel between gardening and missionary work. Use package of seeds, soil, water, small gardening tools, etc. (Idea taken from the September 1986 Friend Magazine)
alt Do you want some cake?
alt Set up a row of dominoes. Place them on end just far enough apart so that if one is knocked down, it will knock down the next one. As you knock the first domino down, ask them to observe the chain reaction. Call attention to the effect of one domino upon all the others. Explain that we too may affect the lives of others (family and friends) in a chain reaction. By sharing the gospel with even one person, we sometimes touch the lives of many others.


alt 10 Things You Wish You Would Have Brought With You - Some helpful tips for those preparing to serve missions
A Classic Dear John . . . but not really!
alt Salt of the Earth
alt Sharing the Gospel - Ideas on how to do it!
alt What is it like at the MTC


alt Highs and Lows
alt My mission commission by Elder Bruce R. McConkie
alt To our missionary
alt A Candle
alt Dare to Climb the Mountain
alt The Mission
alt The Mission within the Mission
alt Who does God's Work, Gets God's Pay
alt Is it worth it??


alt Missionary Journal - they collect the missionaries e-mails sent home. After their mission is over they print and bind them into a leather journal. While they are on their missions they take their weekly emails and create a a secure personal webpage and post their content for family and friends to look at.


alt Missionary Work Word Search by Jordanna Bailey


alt One Liners 
alt Quick Quotes
 Quotes from W.O.O.L. (Words of our Leaders)
alt Quotes on Missionary Work (1) 
alt Quotes on Missionary Work (2) 
alt We must be tolerant by President Gordon B. Hinckley


alt Being a missionary using the Articles of Faith by Cara Webber 
alt Missionary Suitcase (sharing time) by Heather Fawcett
 Missionary Flight - Could be adapted for an activity
alt I can prepare now to serve a mission - Could be singing or sharing time
alt I will invite my friends to Primary
alt I will prepare now to be a missionary
alt I will prepare now to be a missionary 2 by Bonnie Gokey
alt Prophets teach about the importance of missionary work. I can be a missionary.
alt The Scriptures Teach Me That I Can Feel Joy When I Share the Gospel Message


alt A new door approach by Joanna Wilkins


alt I really miss my mom!
alt The Challenge
alt Our family mission fund project
alt Are there any questions??
alt Testimony of a missionary - handout created by Lori
alt The Mustard Seed Teacher
alt The Silent Sermon
alt Whose suppose to be doing the missionary work?


alt A change of heart
alt Called To Serve Music Video
alt Rachel Esplin - Panelist at Harvard Day of Faith
alt The Value of a Full-Time Mission 
 Your day for a mission

VIDEOS CLIPS FROM CHURCH:   Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...

alt Accomplishing the Mission of the Church - provides training information for priesthood and auxiliary leaders on the mission of the Church and how to accomplish it.
alt Called to Serve - Designed to motivate youth to prepare themselves for missions and to strengthen the families of missionaries. Portrays the joys of preparing for and giving missionary service.
alt Conversion and Retention: President Gordon B. Hinckley Speaks to Members of Stake and Ward Councils - Videocassette of 1999 satellite broadcast. President Hinckley addresses the importance of leaders and members in the retention of those who are baptized.
alt Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Video Presentations - Go Ye into All the World. President Ezra Taft Benson asks every worthy young man to serve a full-time mission for the Church. (Lesson 13.) 5:10 min. (Video Clip 5)
alt Family Home Evening Video Supplement - 'Missionary Work: Our Greatest Duty,' 5:12 min. (Video Clip 14)
alt Feed My Lambs - This videocassette tells the story of two children who try to feed a large flock of newborn lambs that had lost their mothers. It is helpful in teaching youth and adults in leadership positions about the infinite worth of each child of God and the need to assist the Savior in His work. 16 min.
alt Go Ye Into All the World - President Ezra Taft Benson asks every worthy young man to serve a full-time mission for the Church. 5:10 min. (Video Clip 5)
Inviting with the Spirit - Helps members to set a date and effectively use the commitment pattern in introducing nonmembers to the gospel. 23 min.
alt Missionary Couples : A Time to Serve - This videocassette presents a brief overview of the opportunities and blessings for couples who serve missions together. 11 min.


alt A great way to keep in touch with your family while on your mission
alt Time difference between you and your missionary -The World Clock - Time Zones
alt Translator - Send a letter to your missionary in his new language!

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