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by Jessica Feth / ga07032008


We played a game that I actually downloaded from Finch Family Games for $1 . I came up with some questions from the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet and divided the girls into two teams.

Click here to open the questions used for the game.

I handed each team a set of scriptures and a FTSOY pamplet. One girl from each team came up and had to find the answer to my question. The first person to come up with the correct response chose a game piece to see which armor they would get to put on (or lose!). After the first team completed their girl the game ended and I bore my testimony about using the guidelines in the FTSOY pamphlet as ways we can put on our armor to protect us from anything that the advisary would throw at us. Our theme for camp was "Superheroes", so I made the analogy that many "superheroes", such as Batman, Iron Man, etc. are mere men under all of their armor. But with their "armor", their powers are unstopable!

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