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by Kathie Bennion / ga05182008

Kathie writes, "I made these name tags for the attention activity at the beginning of the lesson."

These name tags are editable.  Just type in the child's last name and print.  Click here to open this document.

Comments (44)
  • Maryann

    These name tags worked great!!! Thanks for your ingenuity. We are using them for our YM/YW activity. Thank You!!!!!

  • Beth

    :lol: this are great. My primary kids loved that they had their name on the tag. I see them worn alot. I found cheap plastic sleeves and badge clips at walmart.

  • ivette sanchez

    This is a great resource. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I will be using in my lesson for Sunday School as i teach lessn 33 of this year's manuel.

  • Jennifer David Aunario

    Hello Kathie,

    Thank you very much for taking time to do these. I'm going to use this tomorrow for our Primary Presentation.


  • Manu

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Michelle Homrighouse

    Perfect ! Thank you!

  • Annette Robison

    Thank you so much! I teach 4 yr olds and tomorrow's lesson is on how Missionaries are blessed. These are perfect. You are awesome!

  • dEBBIE

    This is soooo perfect. I was trying to figure out how to make this on my own, but you saved me SO much time. Thanks again!

  • Suzie

    You are a life saver! Thanks.

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for these missionary tags. Your ingenuity and willingness to share are so very appreciated!

  • jeannie johnson

    Thank you for these! They were exactly what I was hoping to find!!

  • Marcy

    Thanks for sharing! You're a gem! ;-)

  • Britton

    Thank-you so much! This is perfect for my primary class. I appreciate the work that you put into making these.

  • Amber

    I was asked last minute to sub. It was suggested to use in the lesson. This was so easy to find and quick to make. Thank you tons :-)

  • Natalie Godnick

    YOU ROCK! These are perfect!

  • Melissa

    Thanks - this was a big help!!!

  • Jeanette Adams

    You Rock! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

  • Rachel

    This is perfect for my lesson. And the lesson calls for making a missionary name tag with the words "Sister" and "Elder" and then discussing how sacred these titles are. So I think these are fine to use in this context.

  • Anndee

    Thank you! The tag was perfect for my son's talk!

  • LeannaP

    I felt inspired to use pretend name tags in my RS lesson and then got a little worried when I saw Victoria Taylor's comment about The 1999 Friend Article. So I decided to do a search on and found a Friend article from apr 2010 which describes a primary activity which uses pretend tags. I'm thinking that the 1st pres. wouldn't approve this article if we are not supposed to do it (and also it is a decade newer than previous article). Just offering some food for thought; hope it helps. here's the article: lang=eng&query=pretend+missionary+tags

  • LeannaP
    Please see the following link to the Oct. 1999 Friend. It counsels us not to wear pretend missionary name tags. If you know of newer counsel, please share. let-your-light-shine?lang=eng

    My only concern is that these tags imitate the official logo which is copyrighted.

  • Beverly Kingi

    :-) Thank you I will using these with my lesson. Bless You!

  • Amy P.

    God Bless you woman!!! I am computer illiterate & you saved my life. I needed over 90 tags for a youth activity this weekend & this premade template just saved me a meltdown. ;-)
    Thank you for sharing your talents & making our lives easier.

  • Christina Barbre

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas. I enjoy doing hand outs and sometimes my brain does work very well. :lol:

  • Jennifer Georgi

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your generosity and talents!!

  • Peter L

    Thank you!

  • Quincy Sawyer

    Thanks you so much! I might be able to use these for my talent show performance of a song from The Book of Mormon!

  • Guest

    So glad we have talented people who like to share! Thanks a bunch!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your sharing. You have saved me hours of time! I know the children will love it!

  • jefferson olangco  - jeff missionary name tag

    Haha, thank you for these.GodBless :D

  • Cpt. kirk

    Thank you so much! These will make for great Halloween costumes!

  • cyndi  - missionary tags

    Great resource, thank you! Using these name tags in seminary.
    "calling" each of my students on missions as we begin the study of Acts and Paul's mission.
    Thought this would be perfect preparation as many of my YM will be heading out this summer!

  • Dorene

    Thank you for these tags! They will be great for my lesson with my sunbeams tomorrow. The last time I needed these it was quite a bit of work finding tags that were usable.

  • Isaac Gull

    Great name tags! B)

  • GRACE  - Mission name tags

    Hi, what a great thing you have made! I have a question, I want to change a tag for my daughter's blog page, She is going to Brazil so I want it to read Portugese. (sp?) I saved your page under my word docs but I can't seem to get it to copy or paste. What am I not doing right?



  • luddymom  - missionary badges

    Thanks for sharing! I was able to tweak your printable to go along with lesson 25 ("I Can Be a Missionary";) in the CTR B manual. :)

    *Instead of Elder.... or Sister...., I added:

    I Can Be a Missionary Now

  • Susan  - missionary name tags

    thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  • Angie Jensen  - Mission call

    We are waiting for our mission call.
    Since we have 27 grandchildren I wanted them to all feel how we are feeling right now. Excited!!!
    I made some for our 6 daughters and Son-in-laws and
    all of our grandchildren. The day we open our call I would like for them to be in their Sunday dress with their name tag. We will skype, I would like for them to take a picture of themselves as a family. They will email the picture,we will make copies of them so that I can decorate our room where ever we are. They will be there with us too!!!! So many missionaries and they will remember the day that we got our call.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome! My daughter wants to be a sister missionary for halloween, and this was just the thing we needed to complete the outfit.

  • Joseph Smith  - Thanks

    Thanks! This is going to make my halloween costume!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for sharing these missionary tags. My Primary class will love them!

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