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Have you ever broswed this site and wondered "where did I read about such-and-such idea?"  Have you spent a lot of time trying to "find" that idea you just read about??  Well, here is a solution.  Create your own menu structure!   Meaning, that when you create a login to this site, you can bookmark ANY page.  If you're like me, I hate having to remember a login and password; however, this one is worth it.  Here are some reasons this could be helpful:

~ Let's say you typically visit the same pages each time you come to my site.  You can bookmark them so that after you log in, you can scroll through the pages you've bookmarked and click on the one you want to visit.

~ Let's say you are browsing the site and you have to get off and you don't have time to finish reading the page, but you'd like to come back to it later.  Bookmark it!

~ Let's say you found an idea you really like and you're not sure where it's posted after it's taken off the main page.  Bookmark it so that when you need it, you can easily reference it.  When you're done, take it off your favorites. 

~ You can edit your favorites at any time.

~ The log in information is not sold or used by ANY third party.  A login is only required to enable you to track your personal favorites.  That's it.

~ Change and edit your information easily.

~ Best of all, it's FREE!


Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how it works.  Once you've familiarized yourself with how it works, it will be a piece of cake to use and a HUGE time saver for those who frequent this site regularly.

STEP 1 - Create a login.  In the left hand column (only on the main page) you'll see an area that looks like this (see below).  Click on the link that says - Create an Account (it now says "Register"). 

STEP 2 - Fill out the required information and click "Send Registration".

STEP 3 - Once you become a member, enter your username and password.  You can click the box "remember me" if you'd like.

STEP 4 - Once you've created and account and login, the following image will appear under the Search bar (in the upper left hand column):

STEP 5 - Click on the link "Favorites" (see image on step 4) and the following will appear once you login for the first time.

Otherwise, it will say:

- Once you login successfully, every page will have a "Add to favorites" this:

Click on that button and it will say:

STEP 8 - To see all of the pages you've bookmarked, click on the favorites link (see image in step 4) and all of the pages you've selected will appear:


STEP 9 - If you want to take a page off of your favorites, just click on the link and it will take you to the page.  Then the following will appear:

Just click on the link that says, "Remove from favorites" and it will no longer appear on your list.

I hope you find this tool helpful.  I just wanted a way for you to quickly find and access pages, especially as I'm moving content over from my old site to this one, it can be confusing.  If you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask.  You can e-mail me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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