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by Melanie Day

 CLICK HERE to open 2010 Apostle Cards in English

 CLICK HERE to open 2010 Apostle Cards in Spanish - A BIG thank you to Cecilia Goldar!!!

How did you use these cards?  E-mail me and share
your ideas.

1. We use them during conference for my son to "match" the card to the speaker. I printed 2 sets and laminated them and we play Memory. It's been a great way for my little Sunbeam to get to know the General Authorities. We also slip them into the church bag for Sundays.  (Idea shared by Natalie / ga05032008)

2. I am the Primary President in my ward, I challenged the children to memorize the apostles, so I gave each child a set on a ring to help them....they seem pretty excited to learn them!!!  (Idea shared by Bobbi Richins / ga05032008)

3. The Prophet and each of the others were copied on different colors of card stock and then laminated. They were printed to look like trading cards, with their photo on front and information on back.  (Idea shared by Tamra / ga05042008)  

4. About 4 years ago we laminated these cards, and also put them on a ring. I am so excited to see them again, and updated and in COLOR! I cannot wait to make these for our Primary children.  (Idea shared by Leah McChesney / ga05062008

5. I used a set of Apostle cards to play a game in Primary and in Seminary. I printed two sets and hung them on string so that a person could wear it around their neck. We then played a version of fruit basket upset. One person was chosen to be it. The rest were seated in a circle around "it". IT called out the name of one Apostle (fruit) and those two people had to change chairs. "It" would try to sit in one of the two chairs that were vacated. If "IT" called "General Conference" (fruit basket upset) all of the players had to switch chairs. This game could be played with names or without if you wanted the players to learn the names. Lots of fun for all. NOTE --- If you do not have enough players for all of the cards be sure to use sets and then you could rotate in new apostle sets.  (by Alice Widdison / ga03012009)

6. I will be using these in Seminary - the youth should memorize the Apostles for part of their Seminary award. These are great! Thank-you! I will also laminate them and keep them with me on Sundays - as my children are all teens, but I love having little Primary children sit with me and it will be great for them to look thru! Thank you for these! (Idea by Theresa / ga04092009

7. I was really hoping you were going to update these cards. My family LOVED them. Starting on Monday before Conference my children picked 3 apostles to read about each night. It was so helpful. Thank you for sharing your talents!  (by Cambria Anderson / ga04102009)

8. We have the laminated Apostle Cards around our Primary Board in the corridor, and it is amazing how many people stop to read them. The Missionaries like to show investigators who visit the Chapel and the Primary children like to discuss what they know about the General Authorities! I like to change our board often but have been asked to keep the cards up, so they have become our border!!!  (Idea by Julie Simcock, Primary President of the Rossendale Valley Ward, Chorley Stake, England / ga06152009)

9. I am going to use them for a matching game for the Junior Primary and then for Senior Primary I am going to have them match the name to the apostle's picture and then read the facts about each one. These cards are great and I plan to laminate them and put them on a ring as suggested.  (Idea by Tracie Adams / ga08262009)

10. I made a set for my little boy who had just turned four. We used them along with the apostle song for Family Home Evening about a month before last conference.  He even suggested we sit near the front (we watch the broadcast at our Stake Center) so that he could see the First Presidency and apostles clearly - Triumph!  During Conference, he was excited to look for the speakers in his cards... He can identify many of the apostles, but his favourite is President Uchtdorf! It was great to be able to get a child so young to focus.  (Idea by Kristy Ward / ga09142009)

11. These cards are wonderful. We make laminated a set for every child in Primary in hopes they will use them to identify the prophets and apostles for this coming conference. Your idea was great.  (Idea by Leanne Gill / ga09272009)

12. Thank you for sharing these cards. Our YW Presidency laminated these cards and put them into pages of a journal for each of our young Women. We encouraged them to write notes about what each apostle said in conference next to their picture. The girls seemed pretty excited to have the facts about each apostle. I think it may help them retain more of what they hear at conference. Thank you!!  (Idea by Amber Clyde / ga09292009)

Comments (16)
  • April Houston

    I am going to use them at home to help my son with special needs learn about them and hopefully remember them! :) Thank you so much!!!

  • Jen

    Melanie, I know previous versions of these have had their names below their pictures. Do you still have those for the new apostles?

  • Ann Coleman

    I would like to be able to open this file in Word so I can adjust the margins. It will not print the right hand edge in pdf. Any suggestions?

  • emma

    E. Nelson is currently married to Wendy Watson Nelson. You card is outdated

  • janet

    E. Oaks is now married to a woman named Kristen.?. The card is not current to my knowledge.

  • Sarah

    I have the same issue as Ann in comment #3. No right hand margin. Bummer! My darn printer won't cancel the job either, so it's all going to print. Oh well . . .

    It will still be fun to have for the kids. I'll use them for my own children for Conference. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy

    Link to English cards is not working!!! Would someone please check the link, I want to use these next month!!!

  • Tauna

    I'm not a mormon, but a mormon friend showed me this site. I think it's really sad that you Mormons are worshipping your leaders. These cards are hero worship. This is why mormons are not considered mormons...if you gave Jesus half the time you give your 'Profits', then maybe things would be different.

  • Ed Hegemann  - Interesting

    Interesting Tauna that there are dozens of web sites with flashcards to help people memorize the original 12 Apostles - Peter, James, etc. I doubt any Christian would claim to worship these men but we do revere them as servants of the Lord.

  • Steph

    I also would like to have them as a Word document so I can translate them into german. Can you please send the Word document to me? Thank you

  • HeidiA

    Going on the Scripture Hero bulletin board in Primary, along with Book of Mormon cards and Old and New Testament cards, all from different sources! Still looking for Presidents of the Church cards (Joseph Smith, Brigham Young) Anyone know??
    Thanks again for putting these together. Beautiful!!

  • Joy Jackson

    I made a set for each of the children in my primary class. When we had the lesson When Jesus called his Apostles I wanted the children could relate to our current Prophet and Apostles.

  • Jen

    Great cards, but need to be accurate & updated with current wives, etc. Dallin H. Oaks was a UTAH Supreme Court Justice. He was a nominee for the US Supreme Court.

  • Martha Jones

    To the person that said we worship the leaders of our church. We appreciate our leaders and want to learn about them but we worship Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. We teach about them also in our classes. Your friend should tell you about how our religion really works. I understand where you are coming from. I felt like the this before I started coming to the church. I attended for 2 years before I joined. Please learn more about our religion before you condemn us.

  • Victoria

    My Sunday School class had a lot of fun with these as we prepared for General Conference. Could I make a small suggestion? Could you remove the "baptized" line? It would make sense if they were baptized at different times in their lives - but they are all the same: "as a child." It might be inferred that great members of the church are all baptized as children, which of course is not the case. Thanks!

  • Janet Rasmusen  - Apostle Cards

    I love love love the apostle cards. They are helpful, informative, and fun. Is it possible to do the same idea for the prophets??? Can't we have prophet cards??

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