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Father's Day Singing Time Ideas by Janelle Sherrill

 Dad School by Aubrey Chaves

 For Father's Day, I collected enough ties for my Primary children to use and I invited our member of the Bishopric to come in and teach them how to tie a tie.  Our first counselor had a wonderful time with the children and they really had fun doing something with their hands, especially learning a skill that their daddy's use.  We sang "My Dad" and many of the other Daddy songs.  (Idea by Kayla Marble / ga06192010)

 Dad's gone fishing!

 Boppin' Pop

 For Father's Day, I brought a laundry bag full of "Daddy" laundry (instead of Dirty laundry). I put a few men's shirts and some ties in the bag. Each had a song safety-pinned or taped on the back of the tie, or in a shirt pocket. Reverent children were chosen to come up and draw an article of Daddy laundry out of the bag, and find out which song we'd be singing next. Once they read the song, they could decide if they wanted to wear the shirt or the tie, or they could choose someone to wear it for the remainder of singing time (I had the ties pre-tied so they could slip it over their heads).  This was the first time I'd tried it, and they seemed to have fun with it!  (Idea shared by Susan G. / ga06162008)

Record several of the children's Father's singing a Primary song.  The children then guess who's singing the song and then everyone sings it together! (Song ideas: I know my Father lives (Hymn book), A Happy Family, Daddy's Homecoming, Fathers, My Dad, Love is spoken here, Quickly I'll Obey, When We're Helping, The Dearest Names).

Camille's Primary Ideas

 When I was in primary for sharing time on Fathers day, I drew a father on a poster board (the head and chest) then made cute ties with all kinds of patterns and stuck them all over the primary room. Then I had one child pick a tie and they played "pin the tie on the dad". On the back of the ties were questions about dads. Who is the father of the ward? Nephi had a great father by the name of... who was the father who built a ship and put animals in it? I also did songs, "name that tune". You can adjust the questions to fit junior or senior you could put scriptures on the back of the ties and the children have to look them up. The kids thought it was so cool. They loved cheering eachother on. (by Rachel Alder / ga06132009)

Father, do you love me? by Julia Grogan

(Shared by Carl / ga06042012) - Fathers Day song sung to Nephi's Courage:

I have an awesome father and I call him Dad.
And he always helps me when he knows I'm sad.
He smiles at me and tells me I am loved
He puts his arms around me and gives a great big hug. 

He's my dad. He's the best. I hope his hair will stay.
I know there's other Dads around but mines the best today.
He's my Dad. He's the best, his hair is turning grey.
With my love I'd like to wish you Happy Fathers Day!

 I thought of this idea for a fun Father's Day singing time and thought others might have fun with it or be able to modify it to fit their Primary.  Have a dad behind a big piece of white fabric or old white sheet (make sure they children won't be able to see through the sheet though!). Have his hands and his tie coming through holes that you cut in the sheet. Maybe even draw a man’s body in church clothes on the sheet. Have him choose a song from a bucket of tools (all the tools are labeled with different songs). Sing the song and have his hands conduct it. Have him use sign language to "correct" them or have them sing louder or softer. (Go over all the signs that he may use before he gets started) Maybe have him stop them if they are not singing well enough and start over. Once they have done a couple of songs, have the children look under their chairs to get a number that is taped to the bottom. Have the mystery dad hand sign a number to call on a child. Allow that child to guess the mystery dad. Have the dad continue to pick numbers until they guess who it is. You could even have multiple dads take turns doing one song each.  (Idea by Liz Hall / ga05012009)

 Guess their favorite song by Shantell Carroll 

 Pin the Tie on Daddy by D'Net Layton - You could put different Father's Day songs on the back of each tie.

Cut the tie

Use the following puzzle and adapt as a prop.  Put songs on the back of each puzzle piece.  You could make songs go along with clues at bottom.  For example, #1 could be Head, shoulders, knees and toes.... or #6 could be Army of Helaman, etc. 

The following ideas were complied by Cindee Alexander: 

Father’s Day Tie: Play pin the tie on the dad.  Songs are on the back of the ties.

Bow Tie Meter: Make a poster of a dad with a bow tie.  The bow tie goes up when they are singing well.

Dad’s Face: Make pieces for dad’s face (moustache, bushy eyebrows, nose, lips, eyes, ears).  Have kids pick the parts (with songs on the back), put it on a face, and sing the song.

Dad’s Face 2: Cut out pieces of dad’s face, but have them play “Pin the Face on Dad”.  Before the last song, have a child come up and put all the pieces in the right place.

Father’s Day Shirts:  Gather shirts from different fathers in the ward (ones they think their children will recognize). In the pocket, put Dad’s favorite primary song. After the children guess who’s shirt it is, put it on the child and sing the song.

Dads Voices: Record dad’s singing songs.  Have the children guess who it is.

Whose Dad?:  Have 3-4 dads hide behind a sheet.  Ask the dads questions. The children try and guess who it is.  Dad’s can disguise their voice. 

My Father (Friend, June 95):  Click here for poem.  Have a child pick the item that matches what you say.  Then put them on a child.  

He’s My Father: (To the tune of “He’s My Bishop”)

He’s as strong as he can be, he’s my father
Fixes broken things for me, he’s my father.
Working hard from dusk to dawn; mom says he must mow the lawn.
Always here protecting me, he’s my father.

Blesses us with priesthood power, he’s my father.
Scold me when I’m acting sour, he’s my father.
Coaches some of our ball games, sometimes he forgets our names.
Still he’s in my hall of fame, he’s my father.

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