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 A web of lies by Katie Berrett
 Crafting is contagious!
 Handout Idea by Cassy
Holy Handouts
 Honesty Handout by Carolyn Barnes
 I will be doing lesson #34 on avoiding dishonesty tomorrow. The handout that I will be handing out is the following:  "Being honest requires courage and commitment to do what you know is right" (For the Strength of Youth, 31). Satan Snickers when you are dishonest, but if you maintain integrity, in the end you’ll get the bigger Payday!  ASK YOURSELF: IS IT RIGHT??? IS IT TRUE???"  I attached Snickers and Paydays to the handout.  (Idea by Rebecca Clawson / ga09212008)

Is it right? Is it true? by Karynn Jorgensen
 Paper Cakes and Icing
Plastic spiders or bugs with the following attached: "Tell the truth and avoid getting caught in a web of lies."
Storytime Handouts
 Tales of a Trophy Wife
Tell the truth by Megan R. Curtis


 Dishonesty Case Studies by Rachael Davis
 Lesson Helps from Angela - Don't get trapped!
 Lesson Helps from Debanae's
 Lesson Helps from LDS Living
 Lesson Helps from Mormon Share
 Lesson Helps from Young Women Connection
 Richard C. Edgley, "Three Towels and a 25-Cent Newspaper," Ensign and Liahona, Nov. 2006, 72–74.
 To begin the lesson, you could even give the girls a sample of something that was "chocolate flavored" like those cheap chocolate Easter bunnies (just get one and break off some pieces - you could even talk about it being hollow inside, when it appears solid). Then let the girls taste some "real" solid chocolate. You could then compare that to the fakeness (and hollowness) of dishonesty vs. the true solid thing. (Idea by Kristin) 


"Oh what a tangled web...." - You could adapt this FHE idea as an attention getter...take yw outside if weather permits
Make lip gloss to remind them to speak truthful words.


 Honesty - You better believe it!


 One Liners


 A penny's worth of honesty
The Lying Snake
 Which Tire?

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