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Are YOU smarter than the bishop? by Deb Reynolds
 Bishop Singing Time
 Bishop Thank You by Rebecca Skinner
 Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Bishop Appreciation Twist
 Cookie Cutter Charades by Tarryn Bricknell 


 Conducting Elephant by Brynn & Tifany Hoecherl
 Conducting Wand
 Leading Sticks by Brooke Wakefield

 Back to school
 Father's Day
 Independence Day
 Mother's Day
 New Year's
 Pioneer Day
 St. Patrick's Day

 Mini Candy Bars - This creative idea is great for practicing LDS Primary songs during singing time.

 2010 Song Pass Off's by Mary Cox - This idea could be adapted year-to-year
 A Pioneer Program Review by Heidi Treu
Are you smarter than the bishop? by Gina Worthen
 Balloon pop with a twist by Bethany Adams
 Bean Bag Review by Noelle Ray
Betty Spaghetti by Tina Syddall
 Billy Bubblegum by Tiffany Johnson
 Build the tallest ice cream cone by Eve Erwin
 Candyland Review by Christine Carlson 
 Cleaning up our songs by Alisa
 Dusty songs on a washday 
 Erase two words.....sort of! by Monique
 Eraser Pass
 Fish Printables by Audrey Schilaty - write the song number on the back, attach a paper clip to each one, and the children in primary fish for songs 
For the last week of March I want to review all the songs (plus a few fun ones) we've learned so far. For a simple idea I am going to have March Madness. I am going to write the names of the songs on masking tape and place them on the floor. The song I want to practice the most will be the closest. The 'fun' songs will be the farthest. They will try to make a basket from the farthest, if the miss they move up, and so on until they make a basket. They line they are on when they make a basket will be the song we sing.  (Idea by Trishy / ga03162009)
 FUN Four Corners Review by Tina Tai
 Get the bugs out
 Grandma's Attic by Christine Hurst
 Green Light, Red Light Review by Pam Cassedy
 Hot/Cold Variation by Tammie
 Hot Potato by Jaymie Reynolds
 Hot Potato by Alisha Trane
Hula Hoop Review
 Hum your favorite hymn by Christie Afualo
 I spy by Julie Summerhays
 In a nutshell....
 Light up the world by Kelly Hatch
 Magnifying their singing by Jennifer Garrett
Mary's Primary Music Leader Ideas
 Making Cookies and the Atonement by Jenny
 Mystery Melody by Anjela Schieving 
 Name that phrase by Celeste
 Olympic Singing Time Review
 Pass the ring by Kathleen Pludums
 Primary Feud
 Primary Road Trip by Aubrey Chaves
 Putting the Scriptures to Music
 Repeat Parakeet by Christine Hurst
 Singing Bee by Jennifer Winspear
 Singing in Style by Elena Brower
 Some Review Games by Susan Anderson
 Spot the Car Song Review by Allison Jessop
 Straw Blowin'
Take a picture of each child in primary and glue the 4x7 pics of the children on a poster board side by side.  Play GUESS WHO where the children ask you a yes or no question such as "are you thinking of a girl?"  OR "Does the person you are thinking about have brown hair?"  In order to answer their question they have to sing you a song of your choice.  They are always so excited when they figure out who you are thinking about!   We also play a game in senior primary where we arrange the chairs in a circle and blindfold a child in the middle who stomps to the beat around in a circle while we sing a song.  The pianist stops whenever she feels like it and whoever the child in the middle is pointing to has to sing or say the next few words of the song (you can teach them the sign language for "help" if they need a clue or to ask a buddy so no one feels too much pressure) then the blindfolded child has to guess who they were pointing at.  It really helped build unity in our sr primary as they all knew each other's names and what their voices sounded like after only a few times playing - not to mention the lyrics!  (Shared by Julie Wilson / ga08272012)
 The empty chair by Luana Willis - this would work anytime and for a review
 The 'Guess What' Box
 The Primary Playground by Tasha Reeve
 The "What does...." Game by Echo Huffaker
 Tic-Tac-Toe by Shawna Lloyd
 Viola! by Val 
 Weird Scientist by Leslie Bigler


A dental review by Jenny Stratton
 A "sweet" review by Cara Webber
 Back Pack Review by Brittany Stucki
 Bubblegum Baseball by Wendy Daw
Cookin' up songs for the program by Hillary Dummar
 Crossword Puzzle Game by Wendi Baggaley
 Detective Sing-a-lot by Angela Paladeni
 I printed up one line from each song and removed several words (leaving blank spaces just like hangman). I would choose a child to come up and then I would show them the line from the song. If they could guess all the blanks in the line correctly, then they got to pick a song of THEIR choice to sing. But, if they couldn't get it right, then we had to sing the program song that the line was from. If they couldn't get it at first, I would tell them which song it was from and have the pianist play it for them if they wanted.  (Idea shared by Emily Coombs / ga09042008)
 Gift Package Review Game
 Mr. Mouth Review by Micah Jones
 Poppin' Good Singers by Michelle Seal
 Primary Pizza by Christine Hurst
 Primary Pizza Review by Holli Speechly
Safe on the Sea by Amanda Perkins
 Scrambled Titles Game by Wendi Baggaley
 Sing-a-long Primary Video by Erin Bylund
 The KEY to a successful program by Megan Brockbank
 To help encourage the children in singing and reviewing our songs for the program I took a foam board and put a picture representing each song down one edge. I made 5 stars for each song and laminated them. I then placed velcro on the board and on the back of the stars. You could also velcro the pictures on so you can change it next year. And then after we sang the song our pianist would then tell us how many stars we earned. You can also cut some of the stars in half as well. I put junior primary on one side of the foam board and senior primary on the other. The loved it.  (Idea by Shelia White / ga08232008)
Two review ideas by Jason Jones

A few ideas for Primary Music Leaders by Frank Stevens
 A twist on name that tune by Debbie Huber
 Academy Awards by Wendi
 Alphabet Cards by Colette
 Alphabet Tiles by Margaret Johnson
 Apple Pie - A fun idea that can also be used to teach the children how to conduct
 Apples to Apples by Tamara Fackrell
Barnyard Guess
 Battleship - Hit and Sing! by Deb Reynolds
 Beat versus Rhythm
 Bit by Bit
Book of Mormon Match Up Relay
Button, Button
 Camping Singing Time by Andi Holt
Caroline's Singing Times
 Chocolate Game by Deb Reynolds
 Creative Ideas for Primary Music Leaders by Shiloah Baker
 Cut the tie
 Disney Favorites by Shalysa
 Dynamic Signs by Rebekah Davis
 Earn the Light by Natalie Breinholt
Eddie Spaghetti - [Idea 1] and [Idea 2]
 Extra, Extra
 Family Feud by Jennifer Winspear
 Fly Swatter Game
 Fun with Favorites
 Fun with the phone
 Go ahead and guess
 Gone Fishing!
 Guess Who
 Hat Game
Ice Cream Cone
Instruments - Easy and simple ideas for making interactive musical instruments.
Lets Make A Deal
Mad Gab Singing Time by Gina Worthen
 Mad Scientist
 Making a Missionary
 Music Match - Match cards and then sing the song
 Music Mumbles - Credit Unknown
 Musical Bowling by Kalani Mortensen
 Musical Dice
 Musical Measles by Christine Hurst
 Musical Note
 Musical Pop-Hop Game
 Mystery Bag
 Mystery Music
Name that principle
 Name that tune
 Name that tune twist
 Olympic Swimming by Natalie Chedsey
One phrase at a time.... by Niki Higgs
 Paper Orchestra by Penny Judkins
 Pass the _______ Game
 Pass the Parcel by Janelle Bricknell
 Pin the note on the song
 Ping Pong Fun
 Place the bow on the present
 Primary Chorister Ideas by Shiloah Baker
 Primary Hospital
Primary Idol
 Primary Matching Game by Kisa Smith
 Primary Picture
 Primary Pops! by Janet Cecchio
Primary Remote Control by Janna Barnes
 Primary Snowballs by Jennifer Dancy
 Primary Songbirds by Kari Key
 Primary Song Pictures
 Punch Out Singing Game
 Rain, Clouds and Raindrops!
 Rocket Songs
 Rollerblading Singing Time by Kate Carter
 Ropin' Songs by Jocelyn Williams
 Shy Guy - helps children to sing reverently (even on rowdy songs)
 Sing Another Time
 Sing like a.....
 Singing Balls by Shayleen Lunt
 Singing Cookies by Melanie from Washington
 Singing Cube - Includes clipart
 Singing Hat
 Singing In A Can
 Singing Spray
 Singing Time Band by Emma Slade
 Singing Time Birds by Kaleigh Coleman
 Singing Time Clue by Tamara Fackrell
 Singo by Terri Finney
 Singo Bingo by Deb Reynolds
 Scripture Treasure Hunt by Theresa Oliver
 Song Clock by Shannon Voge
 Song Marathon
 Song Scramble by Christine Hurst
 Stop and Go
 Straw Blowin'
 Summertime Ice Cream by AnJanette Broderick
 Teachers Judge
 Temple Windows
 The empty chair by Luana Willis
 The endless scarf by Cindee Alexander
 The Price is Right Game by Monica Hudson
 The Song is Right by AdriAnne
 Tic-Tac-Feud by Colette Newell
 Trees and Leaves
 Trivial Pursuit
 Unlock the Treasure 
 Wiggle Worm Songs (from Primary-To-Go) - Just scroll down to the last file called "Wiggle Worms"
Click on pdf file and print.  It is a fun one!
 Windwand Movement Cards by Jennifer West

 A fun review we did last fall that the boys really got into was a football game we called "the Singing Bowl". I made a football field poster and put it up on the chalkboard. I got a little foamies football and attached a magnet to the back. We had a list of "plays" which were the names of songs to review and a list for scoring: Touchdown-everyone was singing, it sounds perfect! 20 yards-most people were singing, it sounds pretty good, 10 yards-some people were singing, it needs a little work, Sack-Have you guys ever sung this before? We had 2 teachers be the refs and listen as we sang.  They would say how we scored, and we'd move the football on the poster (we started on our own 20 yard line.) If they scored just by touchdown, I gave them the extra point (for the kick). But if we got in the endzone just by 10 or 20 yards at a time, we didn't get the extra point. I told them if we got a certain number of points, I'd bring treats the next week. The children really got into it, and when I asked my own children the other day what was their favorite thing we did in singing time since I was the music leader, football was the unanimous response.  (Idea by Julie)
Baseball Game
 Basketball Games by Theresa Oliver
 Field Goal Favorite by Deb Reynolds
 Football Fun by Jill
 Football Game by Primary Singing Ideas
 Putt-Putt Golf by Deb Reynolds
 We had our program today (they did fabulous!), and I wanted to have a pretty laid back singing time. I came up with a football/name that tune game. I drew a football field on the chalkboard, using just lines. I had a small football which I had printed on some cardstock (I found a football graphic on the internet). I divided the children into two teams and decided which team would go first (I was going to flip a coin, but forgot to bring one). The first team decided how many notes they thought they could get the song in. After hearing the notes, they discussed it among themselves and then came up with an answer (I told them I would take the first one they said, so if one of the children blurted out a song title, I'd count it...this way they would take the time to figure it out and use the others). If they got it right, they would get to move so many yards (I had decided before hand how many yards they would get to move for so many notes....i.e. 4 notes, 7 yards), and they would get to continue towards their goal line. If they got it wrong, the other team had a chance to intercept and would then have control of the ball. If the second team got it wrong, it was a fumble and whichever team came up with the correct answer first would have control of the ball.  It was lots of fun, very easy to prepare and execute, and low stress.  What more could you want? (Idea by Kristi from Idaho Falls)
 Winter Olympics Singing Time by Merrilyn Harris
 World Cup Singing by Elaine

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 A great time filler by Christine Hurst

 Christy's Clipart Singing Time Ideas
 The Idea Door's Collection of Ideas

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