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- Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes...yum
- We're "soda-lighted" to get to know you better  by Whitney Garrett


- Cupcake Pops
- Cupcake Take Along - Too cute!
- Free babysitting if they have kiddos.
- Photo Clips by Tammy Schick


- "Welcome to the Ward" Printable by Mique Provost


- {Free Printable} "G" Thanks Mini Bread Loaf Wrapper


- Amy's Basket Designs
- Bow Peep Creations
- Hand Picked Daisy
- JustBeccuz
- Pioneer Party
- Sassy Girl Shop


- Give your sisters a new calendar - the small ones that fit in your purse are nice.
- A bottle of sparkling cider with curly ribbon and a Happy New Year card.
"Orange" you glad?? by MerryNoelle Sandoval
- I went to an Asian Market and picked up fortune cookies (about 60 cookies for $4.00). I dipped the cookies in chocolate--just one side so that the fortune didn't get covered. Before the chocolate set, I sprinkled them with candy dots that are used for decorating sugar cookies. You could attach the note 'We are so "fortunate" to be your visiting teachers and look forward to (dipping into) a fun new year with you.'
- Make a resolutions/goals for the year booklet (make it yourself out of paper, add a cute cover and staple it together.)
"Snow" Cute! 
- Tie a ribbon around a pretty, scented candle, matches and a note that says: "This year - Let your light shine before men."
- For inactive or homebound sisters, give them the current Sunday School manual with a nice bookmark.  Usually the manuals are passed out in church at the end of the year, but don't usually make it to all the sisters.  


- Oreo Kisses
- Cookie Lollipops - Make cookies and put a sucker stick in each one.  Decorate and place them into small plastic bags (you could use sandwich baggies).  Tie with ribbon. (You could also do this with popcorn balls instead of cookies).
- Red carnations tied with ribbon
- Homemade Oreo Chocolates by Alison Fowler
- Give your sisters a copy of the 14 day walk with Christ to choose the Savior as their Valentine.
- Crepe Purses - Make crepes and set them aside to cool.  Once they are completely cooled, put various valentine goodies (chocolate kisses, truffles, or even whole strawberries) in the center of the crepe.  Using a thin, pretty, ribbon tie the crepe closed and gather like a package.  You could even use raffia. 
- Paper sleeves for Valentine Cookies - FUN idea! (You could use this idea with any time of year or for their birthdays, just decorate paper sleeve according to occasion.
- Heart fruit pizza or large heart sugar cookie with white frosting topped with red candies or fruit (raspberries, strawberries, etc.)
- Valentine Card Printable
- Candy Kiss Lei - Give your sister a candy lei with a story or scripture about love wishing them a Happy Valentines.  Click here for a picture of a candy lei...just use Valentine candy.
- Box of heart candies tied with raffia and scripture about love 


- Shamrock Cookies are tasty
- Cut a 5" circle of green material and place several broken cinnamon sticks in the middle, tie with yarn or ribbon
- Bring over a basket of "Irish" potatoes or a bowl of potato salad with some green parsley for garnish. 
- Shamrock Oreo Truffles
- Lucky Charm Treats
- I am using your May visiting teaching idea for March. I'm giving the box of Lucky Charms, (retro box on sale for $2.50 at Target) a little green pot (Wal-mart - $1 in the Easter stuff) with a couple of the treats, and a leprechaun card that has the recipe and a note: "Lucky Us!! We are so blessed to be your visiting teachers. Kick your feet up and have a treat on us."  (Idea by Susanne Moon / ga03022009)
- We're so lucky!


- Flower Pot Messages by Carrie Beaumont
- "GAIN" Eternal Life by Mynnette Kitchen
- General Conference Basket
- General Conference Goodie Bag
- General Conference Kit by Angela Williams
- Give her an April Fool's gift (something out of season-for fun!)
- Easter Carrots
- Easter Basket filled with goodies
- Ingredients for Easter Story Cookies with a recipe card how to make them
- Easter S'Mores in a Jar
- We did little Easter Baskets for the Visiting Teachers with a Hollow Plastic Egg and explained the symbolism of the empty egg and the tomb and had the scripture Matthew 28:6 attached.  I have diabetic sisters so no food treats! (Idea by Stephanie Thomas / ga03312007)


- A Special Garden by Christina Brown
- Floral Pen
- Edible Flower Bouquet
- Basket of fruit or flowers from your garden
- Stationery and a pretty pen to write letters to their mother or friends
Brownies in a Bottle by Shannon Allen
- A box of Lucky charms with a card that says, "Your family is so 'lucky' to have you as their mom! Happy Mother's Day".  Attach a recipe card for Lucky Charms Treats.


Strawberry Jam
- Yellow cake mix, strawberries and whipping cream to make their own shortcake
- I cut some of my roses down in my backyard and made bouquets.  I went to the dollar store and got some vases and tied them with pretty raffia.  Then I attached a card that read, "When I count my blessings, I count you twice.  Have a happy summer!"
- Family Group Sheet with a heart in the middle that says: "The hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers."
- S'mores Emergency Kit - I have two different versions:

Kit 1 - In a snack size Ziploc baggie, put in a tea light candle, toothpick, some mini marshmallows, teddy grahams and some chocolate chips.  They can make their own mini s'mores!
Kit 2 - In a snack size Ziploc baggie, put in a tea light candle, toothpick, marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate bar.


 - Make a miniature flag cake.  Here are three different sites to visit: Site 1, Site 2, Site 3
- Edible Sparklers: Dip Pretzel Rods half way in white chocolate (or coat with white frosting). Then, before the chocolate sets, roll the pretzel rod in red and blue sprinkles.
- Fourth of July Handout
- Handful of sparklers tied together with raffia
- May you have a sparkling fourth! by Julie Cluff
- Invite your Visiting Teaching sisters (with or without their families) over to your house for a BBQ one evening along with your companion.  I you are up for a party, you could have your husband invite his home teaching families along and have a fiesta!
- Small potted plant with a little flag inserted in soil
- Poppy Seed Projects - 4th of July Printable
- Rice Krispie Stars - Follow directions on any Rice Krispie Cereal box to make a pan of rice krispie treats. Once set, use a star shaped cookie cutter to make star shapes. Decorate star with sprinkles (red colored ones work very well). When finished, put a popsicle stick through the middle to look like a lollipop.  (Idea by Erin)
- Apple Flag Pin
- Firecracker Poop


- Homemade Berry Jam and a note that says:  "When you are in a Jam--call your Visiting Teachers.  (Your names and phone numbers)"
- I heard it through the grapevine
- Oreo Pops: "Just 'poppin' in to check on how things are going this summer."
- Pitcher full of whole lemons and recipe for pink lemonade--
     1 (6 oz can) frozen lemonade
     3 cans water
     2 cups cranberry juice
     Mix well 


- Corn husk doll and dresses from fabric scraps
- Share a bottle of fruit or vegetables you are canning
- Magazine to read now that the kiddos are back in school
- Mini caramel apples 


- Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble
- General Conference Basket
- General Conference Goodie Bag
- General Conference Kit by Angela Williams
- Halloween Frame and Poem 
- Halloween S'mores in a jar 
- Liberty's Layouts
- Tootsie Pop Ghost (place a Kleenex over tootsie roll sucker, and tie with a white ribbon.  Draw eyes using black marker)
- Take a holiday tin, spray cooking oil inside the washed tin.  Pour banana bread batter, brownies, whatever, in and bake it  right in the tin. Then put on the lid on them and hand them out in the tins. You could easily frost brownies in the tin if you didn't put too much batter in. (LeNore Merritt)
- Paper Witch Shoes with treats inside
- Pumpkin Bread
- Pumpkin Bouquets
- Spooktacularly late trick-o-Visiting Teacher treat
- Trick-o-Visiting-Teacher-Treat
- Witch Broom Treat Bags


- Autumn Pillow Boxes by Dana Cockrum
- Indian Corn on a stick
- Blessings Mix
- Mini Pots of Pumpkin Cream Pie
- Pumpkin Pie
- Box of Christmas cards and some stamps
- A list of all the things that make you thankful you know this sister and how she has touched your life
- Cute pilgrim hats can be made with Fudge Stripe Cookies.  Turn cookie over to use the flat bottom chocolate covered side.  Use a dob of frosting in the middle to attach an un-wrapped chocolate Kiss.  Use purchased brown or white frosting tube to squeeze and create a bow at bottom rim of Kiss. (Idea shared by Kathee Merkley / ga11092007)  Also see: Chocolate Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats.....Click here for a video clip on how to make them).


- Baby Jesus Craft
- Burlap Sign by Melinda Beachell
- Candy Cane Chocolate Cookies
- Christ Christmas Ornament
- Cute packaging idea by Jenny Funk
- Hot Cocoa Bags - cute idea!
- Shores of Galilee Christmas Ornament by Wendy Gardiner
- Nativity Legend and Peppermint Pretzel Melts
- Popcorn Christmas Wrapper
- Snowman Soup
- Sundae Bath Salts
- Homemade Christmas ornament - Click here for Applesauce Cinnamon Dough
- If your sisters have young children, offer to babysitt so she can go Christmas shopping or simply to have an hour alone!

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