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A Call to the Nursery
My Turn in the Nursery
The Loveliest Job in the Ward


 Attendance Rolls (editable for any organization) by Melanie Day


 Click here for Birthday Ideas
 Mini-Lesson: Happy Birthday


 Apple Tree Check-In by Lorri Kearns
 Birds in a Tree by Wendy Richards
 Bumblebees and Ladybugs by Alma Lavis
 Busy Bee Check-In Poster by Nicole Stapley
Check-In by Becke McDaniel
For nursery check-in, we made a large tree and covered it with contact paper to protect it. We the took a picture of each child, cut out just their head to fit on some apples that were purchased at Staples stationary store. We also made some leaves and put their names on them. Then the apples and leaves were laminated. On the backs we placed Velcro that has adhesive on the back, on the backs of the leaves and apples, the other half on the tree. The leaves are left on the tree and when the children come to Nursery each week they find their apple with their picture on it and put it by their name. This helps the children recognize their own names and it helps the nursery leaders put a face to a name, especially when the leaders change.  (Idea shared by Marci Smith in Edmonton, A.B. Canada / ga08132007)
 Jungle Nursery Check-In Poster by Nicole Stapley
Organized Check In and Out by Yesika Piquet
 There you are! by Sandy Mangani
Welcoming Children each week by Linda Vaughn


 Looking for their stars! by Kimi


 My daughter's Nursery Leader had a great gift idea.  She found cheap small pocket size photo books (with about 15 pages) and wrote the children's names on the outside of them and wrote "Sacrament Book" on it.  Then in the photo pages she put different pictures of Christ inside and also pictures of bread, water, sacrament trays.  My daughter is now 4-1/2 and she still enjoys looking at it while the sacrament is being passed. (Idea from Primary Page)
 When I was in Nursery, I had about 15 children.  I used popcicle sticks to make a crib, 5 sticks for each side glued together side by side, glue criss cross sticks to the front and back to make the legs.  Use clothes line pins for the babe and draw eyes and mouth, wrap the clothes pin in felt or any other material you choose for the swaddling.  I used hay inside to accent and hot glued, the babe and hay inside the crib.  (Idea from Primary Page)


 Coloring Pages indexed by the church
 LDS Coloring Pages - Matia has indexed all of the coloring pages from the Friend Magazine... check it out!

CRAFT IDEAS:  These crafts can be done with any lesson...simply adapt to theme.  TIP - Are you getting rid of some of your old T-shirts?  Pull them out of your donation pile and take them to church.  That way when you want to do an activity that might be a little messier, you can throw a t-shirt over the children.

Applesauce Cinnamon Dough
Girl Bag PuppetBoy Bag Puppet (from Christy's Clipart)
 Have your children glue tissue paper cut outs onto wax paper.  You can cut the wax paper into different shapes.  If your lesson is on animals, cut out wax paper into an animal shape, if it's on hands, cut into shape of hand, etc.
Homemade Slime Recipes 
Mosaic Art
Potato Printing  
 Soap Bubble Art
 Spoon Puppets - Color, cut on dotted lines, and insert spoon.  You could make these spoons characters for any of the nursery stories from manual.
Tips for Stringing Cereal


 Lesson Pictures by Laree Ipson
 Nursery Door Signs by Marie Huff
 Nursery Stop Signs by Nicole Stapley
 Stop, drop and roll


If your budget allows, Oriental Trading Company sells a fun "Follow The Leader Line Keepers" for when you go on walks.  Jungle Safari Version or Plain Version
Reverence Rope  


I Don't Want To Be Three (Helping Your 3 year old Transition into Sunbeams) - I gave this story to each child graduating into Sunbeams.  I asked the parents to take time during the week to read it to their child.
I'm going to Primary - Melissa Dillon thought it would be cute to give to the children who are “graduating” from Nursery this week.  It's taken from the January 1999 Friend Magazine.
Nursery Graduation Idea by Sara Roylance
Nursery Graduation Certificate by Amy Busch
Nursery Graduation Program - Held the last Sunday of the year, 20 minutes before church gets out. by Diane Tamariki
 Sunbeam Shirts by Shauna H. Hostetler


Cute Idea on Handouts by Anita Nunnery 
Handout Idea by Linda Vaughn  
Magnetic Clothespins - These worked great, but your magnets have to be really strong.  I hot glued a magnet to the back of a clothespin.  Once it dried, I wrote the childs name on a clothspin and glued a small scrapbook flower to the pin.  Each clothespin was painted a different color, so each child would know their own color and those who can read would have the name to go by.  When they finished coloring their paper, the child would place it on their pin and put it on the board.  Instead of writing their name, you could place a small photo of each child on their pin, that way they could recognize their own without any help.  (Melanie Day)


Sometimes as leaders we like to do a little extra "something" around the holidays and special occasions.  That doesn't mean the whole two hours is dedicated to a holiday theme...just a little extra fun.   Whether it is a handout or small activity, here are some ideas centered around holiday themes... If you'd like to add some ideas, e-mail them to me.

Birthday Ideas
Father's Day
Independence Day
Mother's Day
Other Nursery Ideas
Pioneer Day
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day


Bug Free Flyer for Nursery by Brandie Paterakis
 Bug Free Nursery by Rachelle Cottle
 No bugs allowed by Nicole Stapley


 Behold Your Little One Manual Lesson Helps


 Children's Scriptures - GREAT idea!


Nursery Lesson Schedule by Liz Zentner


I am a child of God Visuals - I drew these visual aids for my Nursery class so I could teach them this song a little easier.  Color, cut and mount pictures on popsicle sticks.  Click here for pdf file of visuals.
Jingle Bell Wreaths by AnJanette Broderick - (You could use any color pipe cleaner and do this year round)
Miracle Spray - We adapted this idea using lemonade and it was a big hit!
Music Ideas for Nursery
Music Match - Match cards and then sing the song
Nursery Singing Time Ideas by Renee Skidmore
Nursery Song Book by Rebekah Mickelson 
Nursery Song Sheet from Primary-To-Go - Just scroll down to "Nursery Song Sheet" (near bottom) and click on pdf file and print!
Obedient Bees by Alana Lee
Our children LOVE music time! The music teacher has prepared a small squirt bottle of water to use during the Rain Is Falling All Around song in the Primary Nursery Songbook. As we sing the song, she lightly mists the children with the water from the squirt bottle and they absolutely LOVE it! (Idea by Brenda Schultz / ga04272007)
Pick-a-pocket by Valerie Lee
 Rainbow Wands by Debbie Loveland
 Singing Balls by Shayleen Lunt
 The Singing Button by Lee Slichter
 Windwand Movement Cards by Jennifer West


Nursery Newsletter - This is one of my newsletters from Nursery.  It is not the easiest template to use, but maybe it could help someone else.  [Front] and [Back]  
Here are several templates you can download and use to create a newsletter.


 Bingo Games
Crying Babies? What do you do?
In our Nursery, I felt we should divide up the workers in the two hours of Nursery. We have a Nursery leader there both hours, but the other two workers are only there an hour (two the first hour, two the second) So, 5 leaders total. This has worked wonderfully because we can call Elders or older sisters the first hour and they can still go to Relief Society and Elders/high priest Quorum. Then, Sunday school people are available the last hour. It has made the list of people that we can prayerfully choose from twice as long. I also try to be careful about how long they are in Nursery (especially older sisters--for health reasons, and burn out.). This same tactic (knowing who's available EACH hour, instead of each Sunday) has made our substitute list about four times as long. (Idea by Kendra Embleton)
Letter to Parents by Amy Busch / ga01152008
Magnetic Clothespins - Put handouts/papers on the chalkboard using magnetic clothespins.
 Nursery Baby Shower
Nursery Lesson Planner   
 Nursery Notes by Loralee Kurzius
Nursery Registration by Diane Tamariki
 Nursery Poster by Nicole Stapley
Nursery Teacher Responsibilities shared by Mari Joyce / ga12192007 
Outdated Toys - I have seen requests for toys in the Ward Bulletin before. I made requests for old or mismatched measuring cups and spoons in our "Nursery Newsletter".  As a nursery leader though I would suggest making requests VERY specific. If you just ask for "toys," you'll get every old Happy Meal toy from the past five years! and nothing that's actually useful.  You also might want to be careful with wording. Ask for gently used blocks from families with grown children. Don't make anyone feel that they have to go out and buy something to donate.  Right before Christmas is a great time to remind families to clean house before new stuff arrives. (Nae)
 Personalized Magic Carpets by Heather Loverde
Preparation for Primary from June 1995 Ensign - Things parents can do to help their children transition better into Sunbeams.
Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom
Q-Cards - Helping you stay organized to give your lesson  
Recipes for Playdough
Something I've done to quiet things down (like when you're ready to start the lesson and the children are still wiggly and restless) was to turn out the lights and have a rainstorm.  First have everyone rub their hands together, click fingers softly, clap your hands together softly a few times (for light rain), pat legs with hands, then stomp feet softly.  Then you do everything listed in the reverse order (until the storm has ended).  
 Sunbeams - My collection of Sunbeam Ideas
The purpose of Nursery
Use a carpet squares for each child to sit on when it's story, lesson or singing time.  I got several from the carpet stores for real cheap when I told them it was for a non-profit organization.
VIP Day - This is something my children's preschool does and could carry over well to Nursery.  Provide a calendar for the year with certain Sunday's blocked off for General, Ward and Stake Conference.  Then post the calendar and ask that each parent sign their child up for a VIP Day.  On their special day, they bring a brown paper sack that has five or six items that describe that child and their interests (favorite stuffed animal, picture they colored, etc.)  Then, on their VIP day, they are asked to bring their child's favorite snack to share with everyone (allergy issues should be addressed upfront so their are no problems on VIP days).  That child is also your helper throughout their VIP day...for example, during the lesson, they are the first to hold a picture or assist you, they get to say the prayer for snack and get the first bite : ), they are basically your helper that day.  Then when you are spotlighting them using their items, they get to come up and talk about each one. 
 We do not currently have a Nursery (sign) by Melanie Day
We have a large group of Nursery children and we have a hard time getting anyone to sit for our lessons and we have a harder time getting our ideas across.  So my co-leader and I talked the Primary President into letting us use an empty room for our lessons, and now we divide our children into groups and bring them into the other (very empty) room for our lesson!  We hang pictures up low on the wall and pretend that we're walking through a "museum"- discussing each picture as it pertains to the lesson.  Then we sit on the floor and do our activities and the rest of our lesson.   The children LOVE it and its different enough to totally keep their interest.  Helps that there are no outside distractions!  It works much better with our older crowd than our younger crowd, but we're hoping that it helps prepare our older children for Sunbeams next year! (Idea by Vickie Kelly)


 Click here for Nursery Placemats


I shared with them the poem "What If" it is from the Friend. I printed off a small mouse and gave them it to put in their pocket.  I brought tape for those who did not have a pocket.  They sat so still so that their mice could see and hear. (Idea by Nicole Richins / ga11152007)
I told the story of Chris-hopper from the Friend.  It talks about him deciding that on Sunday his feet could be like a turtle.  I printed off little turtles and taped them to their shoes to remind them to walk reverently.  (Idea by Nicole Richins / ga11152007)
 Nursery Poem for flu season by Whitney McBride
To a Nursery Teacher by Leslie Ethington   


 Parachute (6 ft)


Quick Quotes


Schedule #1
Schedule shared by Mari Joyce / ga12192007

SNACK IDEAS:  (This is a section that lists ideas for a fun and different snack every now and then - just make sure there aren't any allergies first.  Most of the suggestions listed below are taken from the Friend Magazine.  Click here for other snack ideas.)

"Provide a healthy snack that is easy to manage.  Ask parents if there are any foods they do not want their children to eat.  Help the children wash their hands and ask a blessing on the food before they eat.  Money for snacks should come from the Primary budget."  (Taken from "Behold Your Little Ones: Nursery Manual", pg. 1, printed in 2008 as a supplement to the Primary 1 Manual).

Cheesecake Grahams
Pudding Cones
Yummy Igloo


The Sunbeam from January 1994 Friend
Train Up A Child - The article is mostly focused on what parents should be doing, but it can definitely be applied to primary/nursery too. The section "A Window of Time" is the part I thought would apply the most.
What can I do to help my child entering the Primary nursery have a positive experience?


 We take "roll" during snack time and sort of make a game out of figuring out who's here. I call the name, and the children point to the person, and they raise their hand. I read the name whether or not that person is in class, and if I know why they aren't there, then I explain. "Seth isn't here today because he has a tummy ache," or "Aidan isn't here because his family went camping."  Then we count how many we have in class. It takes maybe 3 minutes and they are eating snacks while I do it. It has helped them learn each other's names, and you should see their faces light up when their name is said. They love it when they know their friends know their names! (by Michelle Foote)


Nursery Blog


 Welcome to Nursery Letter by Kortney Keisel
 Welcome to Nursery....a home visit by Debbie Loveland
Welcome to Nursery! - You've been called to what?  What makes a successful Nursery?  Here are some ideas.  
Welcome to Nursery! - shared by Mari Joyce / ga12192007 



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