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by Laurie Farmer / ga01132008

I brought a stuffed pheasant for the story about the birds (instead of a nest).  It was a great attention getter for 4 (turning 5) year olds.

For questions/situations you could cut up a picture of Christ in puzzle shapes, with a number on each piece that then corresponds to each question.  They can pick a piece and try to put the puzzle together, focusing on the question "What would Jesus want me to do?" with a completed picture at the end.

I used suckers and on each it had a number on the stick, they picked a sucker and told me the number they had that corresponded to each question, they ate their sucker while quietly listening to each situation.  I made up enough for 10 children as the book only has five.

I made my own handout that had the question, "What would Jesus have me do?" on the top of the page. Then it had 5 pictures, a girl reading scriptures, a boy with his arm around a crying child, a CTR symbol, a girl saying her prayers and a boy real angry shaking his fists.  The children crossed out the picture Jesus wouldn't want them to do and colored the rest of the pictures.

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