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by Laurie Farmer / ga01132008

I brought a stuffed pheasant for the story about the birds (instead of a nest).  It was a great attention getter for 4 (turning 5) year olds.

For questions/situations you could cut up a picture of Christ in puzzle shapes, with a number on each piece that then corresponds to each question.  They can pick a piece and try to put the puzzle together, focusing on the question "What would Jesus want me to do?" with a completed picture at the end.

I used suckers and on each it had a number on the stick, they picked a sucker and told me the number they had that corresponded to each question, they ate their sucker while quietly listening to each situation.  I made up enough for 10 children as the book only has five.

I made my own handout that had the question, "What would Jesus have me do?" on the top of the page. Then it had 5 pictures, a girl reading scriptures, a boy with his arm around a crying child, a CTR symbol, a girl saying her prayers and a boy real angry shaking his fists.  The children crossed out the picture Jesus wouldn't want them to do and colored the rest of the pictures.

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  • Anonymous

    Good ideas but one year at Girl's camp we were told not to make puzzles of Christ's face especially not to put a picture on one side and then when you flip it over it was Jesus...just a thought, sort of irreverent to cut up a picture of Jesus was the thought I would think.

  • Diana

    I haven't read anywhere on the church website that you cant make a picture of Christ into a teaching puzzle, I think it is a great idea for this age group.

  • Debby

    It was someone's opinion about making a puzzle with Jesus's face, not doctrine and not a commandment. We can use our best judgement. My CTR-5 class enjoys a puzzle I made of Jesus surrounded by a few children. It has about 12 pieces, and does cut across his face. But the kids don't even notice that, they like the finished picture.

  • Anonymous

    I really like these ideas. I teach the same age group, and they sound perfect! I just wish I could get a hold of your handout that you're describing.

  • Anonymous
    we were told not to make puzzles of Christ's face especially not to put a picture on one side and then when you flip it over it was Jesus...just a thought, sort of irreverent to cut up a picture of Jesus was the thought I would think.

    Another way I've seen it done rather than cut up a picture was to cut the puzzle pieces out of paper and then put them over the picture. The kids then take a puzzle piece off and can start to guess what the picture is. It's a little easy, but less damaging to the picture.

  • Sona

    Another idea maybe that place a pic of the Christ on the board then place the covered pics of the corresponding question with number. Each time, kid pick a sucker with number, the cover can be removed to show what the pic shows them to know what Jesus want them to do.

  • Allyson Holley

    I really liked the idea for the handout so I made one in powerpoint. I can't attach it due to the file type so e-mail me if you'd like it.

  • Nansi  - handout, "What would Jesus want me to do?"

    I would love a copy of the handout. Please email it to the email address above or to We are currently missionaries and I am helping out in primary. The children love to color and that page sounds wonderful. Thank you so much.

  • Madison

    Can you please send the email to me? Thank you! :)

  • Amy Hardee  - PowerPoint

    Can u please email the PowerPoint to me @ Thanks!

  • Ann Berumen  - Powerpoint handout

    Please email me a copy of the powerpointhandout. I am teaching this lesson today.Thank you

  • Laurie

    Please email the powerpoiont handout to me at

  • Shannon

    If you see this message, can you please email me the handout to

  • Delzia  - Coloring Handout

    Hi Laurie - Could you please email me the coloring hand out?

  • whyeah

    could you please email me your powerpoint. I just got called to primary and will be teaching this Sunday and would love the kids to have some coloring handout!


  • Susan Anderson

    Hi Laurie,
    I would also love the coloring handout. Could you please email it to me? Thank you!

  • Delzia Worley

    My e-mail is

    Thanks so much!

  • cj

    It says in the new manuals (no one seems to read) for leadership.

  • Julia

    Can I get an email of the handout? Thanks!

  • sara buntrock  - color page

    I would love to have this coloring page.
    thank you!!!

  • Kara

    Could I also get a copy of your coloring handout emailed to me? Thank you

  • Noma Johnson  - Handout for Lesson #2 Primary 2 Manual

    I would love to get the handout, I am only subbing tomorrow and just found out tonight!! If you can't get it to me I understand!! Thank you, Noma

  • wendy adams

    I would love the coloring handout.

  • Brittney

    I would love to us your coloring handout for my lesson! Could you please email it to me? Thanks!

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