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Comments (12)
  • Sara Navarro

    Hi, the CD Rom for 2014 Primary Sharing Time does not have the scripture with picture print out that it usually has. Does anyone have one that I can print?

  • Patti  - Terrific!

    This is absolutely the best! I've used your ideas so often and have been so grateful for some new input when my brain fails to come up with something new. Thanks for doing this, many times over!!

  • Jerri Burk  - Primary Sharing Time Specialist

    :cheer: Thank you so much !! What a great website!!

  • Maureen Corless

    Thanks so much!

  • Patty  - Wonderful!

    Your ideas are always so creative and helpful- I use them all the time! What really amazed me this month is that you still posted your great ideas WHILE working on a move!! Good luck in your new area!

  • Cari Horton  - Thank you!

    Used your stuff last week. Very helpful! Thanks again. CH

  • jodie

    Thanks jill! Your ideas are always so helpful. Hope you are settling in and adjusting to the move. My kids loved the family home evening packets I gave them for Christmas! Thanks Jodie

  • Yvonne Gibbon

    We have a very small branch with only 2 or 3 children in our Primary and a shortened schedule.

    Your ideas are wonderful and I use them frequently. Thank you so much! Y. G.

  • Chelcie Carlson  - Great Ideas!

    This really helped me pull everything together! Thank you so much! I have a lot of experience with moving and it never gets easier... hang in there and bless you for your time and service!

  • Chantel Zemp  - Sharing Time

    Thank you so much for posting these sharing time ideas! They help so much! Grateful for your willingness to share creativity with us!

  • JIll  - Happy Comments

    Thank you so so much for all the happy comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to write something :)

  • Holly  - Come Follow Me in Aramaic

    In the 4th week there was an idea to teach the children how to say "Come follow me" in Hebrew. I believe Jesus would have actually spoken Aramaic, so that would be what to look for. I found a site that shows the words and has a pronunciation guide if you wanted to try it.

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