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For the last few years, I have posted small Primary talks for each week that correspond to the weekly Primary theme.  I originally created this file JUST in case the person assigned to give the talk in Primary forgets (or doesn't show up).  It has become one of my most requested files each year. 

This year I made them so you can cut them up a little bit easier and give the assigned child a slip of paper to read.  Just cut each week and paperclip them together.   With luck, you won't need them.

* All of these talks were put together using various Friend Magazines and occasionally lesson manuals.

CLICK HERE to open the complete file (all months) - pdf

Number of pages in file - 25

Some of you requested I post the talks by month so you can just print out the months you are conducting.  So if it's helpful, here are the talks by month:

CLICK HERE to open January talks.
CLICK HERE to open February talks.
CLICK HERE to open March talks.
CLICK HERE to open April talks.
CLICK HERE to open May talks.
CLICK HERE to open June talks.
CLICK HERE to open July talks.
CLICK HERE to open August talks.
CLICK HERE to open September talks.
CLICK HERE to open October talks.
CLICK HERE to open November talks.
CLICK HERE to open December talks.

Comments (45)
  • Monaca  - You are awesome!!

    This is fantastic, thank you for all of your hard work. It most definitely makes all of our lives that much easier because of the time you've put into this! Thank You! :D

  • Angela  - Thank you!

    Thank you so much! It's so nice to have these!

  • Rebekah  - Perfect!

    This is FABULOUS! I can't imagine the time and effort that went into this--THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Tracey Teixeira  - Thank you

    :) Your sisters in Canada really appreciate your efforts, and thanks for sharing all your good ideas and experience.

  • Maureen  - Thank you

    I appreciate the time you took to put this together. I hope we don't have to use this resource often, but it is very nice when a talk has been forgotten or someone didn't show up. I appreciate you being willing to share this with all of us serving in Primary. We are all serving together!

  • Natalie  - THANK YOU!

    :woohoo: I'm so appreciative of your time and effort to put this together. It's something that gets used often in our Primary. Thanks again!

  • Patrice  - Thanks!

    Thank you so much for these talks! We used them many times last year, and I'm sure that won't be changing any time soon. They are the perfect size and level for most of the kids to give at a moment's notice, and it takes so much of the work off of the presidency.

  • Kathe M. Smith  - Scripture and talk cards

    While I love your talks you have prepared for the "just in cases", I was wondering if you are going to do the scripture and talk cards again for this year 2014? I love to give them out and makes sure the children are reminded and most of the time they come through.

    Kathie, Primary Secretary

  • Deanna  - Primary Talks

    Thank you so much for the back-up primary talks. They have been a life saver!!!

    Deanna, Primary 2nd Counselor

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for doing this. They have been a great!

  • april

    We used these at least twice each month this past year---our families frequently don't have talks prepared and this has really helped our primary. thank you!!!

  • Kim

    Thank you for giving us these great go to talks and scriptures. This has come in handy since we became a presidency in October. Thanks again for your hard work. Your work is much appreciated.

  • Sylvia  - Primary Talks

    We live in an area where are small in numbers! THANK YOU! This really helps our Primary!

  • Cindy  - Thanks!


    Thank you so much for providing this material every year. I print it and have it handy in case someone forgets to prepare a talk. It is a huge comfort knowing the information is there when needed.

    Cindy :D

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much. These talks are a lifesaver and I so appreciate all your hard work. Happy New Year!!!

  • Michelle  - thank you

    thank you so much for doing these! I have used them the past three years.

    just wanted to let you know that when I printed these off they are kind of hard to read because the font is so small.

  • Candyce  - Many thanks

    I am very grateful for all your hard work and willingness to share. We've had to use these on occasion when children haven't been prepared or absent at the last minute. Bless you for putting in so much time and effort to help us all.

  • Sue Anderson  - Many Thanks!

    I printed off your talks last year, thinking I'd be ready for when the children would say they weren't prepared to give the talk. To their surprise,none of them got to take the easy way out. I'd whip out your "Ready Made Talks" and send them up to give their talk. Several of the children got complimented too. These talks are a Primary Presidency's Dream Come True. Thanks for your time, talent and gift to us who struggle in our callings.

  • Jena

    Thank you so much! That is so much work. It sure does make things easier for me. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rachel  - The Best ever!

    Thank you so much for this. This was the lifesaver of our Primary last year. so glad you've done it again. Can't tell you how much our presidency appreciates it

  • Melanie  - So Awesome!

    These are a real life saver! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!! We are so grateful that you shared these.

  • Allison  - THANK YOU!!

    What a great idea. Thank you for sharing this file. We all know that there is always a week where some poor child is scrambling with embarrassment because of a forgotten talk. I plan to keep these in our closet just in case now!

  • Shanalyn  - Thank you!

    We didn't use this often last year, but when we needed a last minute talk we were very grateful to have these talks! Thank you so much for putting these together. :)

  • Tenille  - Thank you!

    I have used these talks so much over the past few years when kids have forgotten their talks or not showed up. I can only imagine how much time you spend putting them together, and I am SO grateful!

  • caroline  - You are a star!

    Thanks for the time you've saved me. I really appreciate it.

  • Brittany  - primary talks

    THANK YOU so much for taking time to put these together. I have only needed them a couple of times. They are so handy to have when you realize that the person giving the talk didn't show up it made it so it wasn't stressful. Which is so nice!!! Thank you so much for your kindness and posting these again!!

  • Alice  - Thank you!

    Thank you for the time you put into this and sharing!

  • Sue Davis  - Primary Talks

    Thanks so much for this resource. Our primary has a lot of young children who tend to forget to have a talk ready. You are an angel. :cheer:

  • Hayley  - You're amazing

    I think you're going straight to Heaven for this. Thank you!!

  • Casie  - Used for my son!

    Thank you for this wonderful resource! I used January, week 2, for my son's talk in primary for tomorrow! Thanks again!

  • Linda


    This is Amazing!!! You have saved this very pregnant mama of 4 soon to be 5 kids under the age of seven a whole lot of work and stress!!!


  • Jaime

    This really is such a blessing to have in our primary closet and has been used in the past many times. Thank you SO much for the time and effort you put into this. It is very appreciated!

  • Julee

    Love this!!! Thanks so much

  • Jessica  - THANK YOU!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. These have been life savers for our Primary on more than 1 occasion!

  • Marcinda

    You are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your talents - Generous people like you are such a good example of what being a member is all about!

  • Harriet

    Love these back up talks :kiss: ....thank you! sometimes the children/parents forget :shock: their assignments and this is such an excellent way in ensuring there is no hindrance during closing exercises...u are superb! :)

  • Kristie  - I love these!

    This is the 3rd year that I have used these talks to fall back on. We need them more often than not! You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much!

  • mafa van der walle-faapo  - love these..

    thank you so much for these talks...its very helpful to me...I LOVE IT

  • Jill

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it. Have used them for my children's talks and for lessons for the 6 year olds.

  • angie

    thank you for doing this how easy it was searching for a talk for my son!!!

  • bobby tolin  - yah

    :angry: :0 :confused: :cheer: B) :evil: :silly: :dry: :lol: :kiss: :D :pinch: :( :shock: :X :side: : ) :P :unsure: :woohoo: :huh: :huh: :whistle: ;) :s :!: :?: :idea: :arrow:

  • Char Mellars  - YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

    Thank you so much. We'd be lost without your brilliant ideas and preparation!!!

  • Tina P  - Thanks so much!!!

    This is wonderful! Thank you for caring, sharing and all your love, dedication and hard work!

  • Terresa James  - 2014 Primary talks

    I'm so very grateful for the work you time and love you have devoted to serving the Lord through helping His servants. You are a blessing to all of us and a treasure to Him. :kiss:

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