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 (discussing the Atonement): Draw a straight path on the chalkboard ending at a place labeled “Eternal Life with Our Father in Heaven.” Put a picture of a person at the beginning of the path. Explain that the picture represents all of us and that we need to follow the path to get back to Heavenly Father. Tell the children that we cannot return to Heavenly Father by ourselves. Erase part of the path, and ask, “What could help us continue on the path?” Ask a child to read or recite the third article of faith. Show a picture of Christ in Gethsemane, and briefly explain the Atonement. Tell the children that Christ’s Atonement is like a bridge that will help us return to Heavenly Father; if we repent and obey the commandments, we will be able to live with Him again. Draw a bridge on the board, and move the picture of the person to the end of the path. Invite a few children to share their feelings about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. If time allows, sing “I Lived in Heaven” (CS, 4).

IF YOU'D LIKE TO ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR THIS WEEK'S SHARING TIME, use the comment section below and add your thoughts.  If your comments are too long, have trouble posting your comments or you have files you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  his e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and I'll post them below:

alt Sofia's Primary Ideas

alt January 2014 Sharing Time Ideas by Jill

alt Life's Journey to Perfection


Comments (13)
  • marites kelley  - thank yoo

    thank you so much for this idea it really helps we don't have any book so far so im just rellying of what I can find here. i was thinking to add some quiz to kill the time since we don't have that sharing fun treasures book yet.

  • Justina Keller  - Road trip

    I am super excited about this sharing time. I am going to take the kids on a road trip. They are going to buckle their seatbelts and prepare to go to one of their favorite peoples home. We will pack our bags and take off. Along the way we will take wrong turns (I am making signs for these) or reach dead ends. We will consult our map and then get back on track. We will then come to a sign that says Bridge out. We will talk about how disapointing it is that we came all this way and aren't able to go on. Then we will talk about who can fix the bridge.

    Next we will talk about last week's sharing time and how we want to return to live with Heavenly Father who loves us very much. We will then take off on our journey again. The wrong turns will be scenerios where we have made a mistake. After consulting our scriptures (the map) we will get back on track. Okay you get the idea - we will eventually arrive at the bridge out sign. We will talk about how we have tried really h...

  • merrilyn  - train tracks

    I like the idea that someone posted about the trip. I was thinking of tweaking it just a little and using one of my son's train track in a long line instead of using the path on the board. Then having signs that lead us on some wrong turns ect. Compare this to life and talk about how we will make mistakes but we can back-up (repent) , look at the map (read scriptures) and get back on the track. Then come to one part where I left a bridge off of the track and talk about how even when we did all we could do we still need some help from our Savior and that is where the attonement comes in. I would show the pic like they say and explain a little about how the attonement works.

  • Carolyn  - The Atonement helps us do hard things

    I am going to focus on the Atonement giving us the power to do hard things. It is sometimes hard to keep the commandments, go to church, pay tithing, go on a mission, suffer a loss, deal with a learning disability etc. but because of the atonement, Jesus has the power to help us climb high and stay on the path. We are going to teach them about Repentance latter in the year, I want to teach the children that if they are having a hard time with something that praying to our Heavenly Father and asking for help from our Savior, we can keep going.
    I am going to have pictures of Jesus helping children, and talk about what things are hard to do. For Jr. Primary we'll pretend we are climbing a mountain. For Sr. Primary we'll discuss things that may be hard for them.

  • Sher  - Making a Bridge

    To introduce the topic we are using a journey analogy as well. I'm laying down a blue blanket to make a river and using a cardboard bridge labeled "Atonement" to help someone get across.

  • Cari Horton  - January 2014 Week Two Idea

    Blogged this weeks idea. Wanted to share.

  • Susan Overton  - Thanks, Cari!

    Thanks, Cari-

    I love your idea of making the path! This is the idea I needed for our Jr. Primary! Thank You!

  • Annette

    Thanks! I will be using your ideas! Love them!

  • Graciela  - re: Making a Bridge

    Thank you Cari for the sign language I love the idea.

  • Janel  - Sharing Time Jan. week 2

    I was reading through the outline for week 2 Sharing time and wondering if it would be too short to just teach the principles as outlined in the booklet but then I remembered one from last month that was a similar short and simple outline and in that lesson, allowing time for the kids to speak was so powerful in bringing the Spirit. I love everyone's ideas for fun visual aids because I know that grabs the kids' attention! I also love the sweet, simple outlines we have to use because they can allow time for the children to testify. I think we may spend some time singing article of faith 3 besides having a child recite it.

  • Rebecca

    I really like the idea of making a path on the floor and a blue blanket representing water. I'm going to tape a letter onto 9 large building blocks, spelling the word Atonement. I will have junior kids take turns coming up and building a bridge over the water. I will have the senior kids unscramble the word as they build the bridge.

  • Sher

    Love the block idea! So cute!

  • Afton  - Sharing Time Week 2

    I am planning on following the outline mostly, however I do like the idea of using the visual of the train track instead of drawing on the board. Then at the end I am going to let the children that would like come up and bear there testimony aboout Jesus Christ and the atonment do so.

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