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alt Article of Faith Punch Cards for 2014 by Krystal Bingham


alt 2014 Binder Cover with Calendar by Liz
alt 2014 Binder Covers by Crickett Thornton
alt 2014 Binder Covers by Lara H.
alt 2014 Binder Insert by Latter-Day Chatter
alt 2014 Poster/Binder Cover by Latter-Day Chatter
alt Binder Cover in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Blank
alt Binder Covers from 281 Fourth Street
alt Just Another Idea - binder and spine covers
alt Latter-Day Chatter - Binder and Spine Covers
alt Lil' Luna
alt LDS Printables (English and Spanish)
alt Primary Presidency Binder Covers by Courtney Aitken
alt Susan Fitch - {Design 1} {Design 2}
alt The Idea Door


alt Families are Forever Birthday Keychains
alt Primary Birthday Blocks by Jennifer Lott


alt 2014 Primary Theme Families are Forever Monthly Theme Signs and Bulletin Boards
alt 2014 Primary Bulletin Board Idea by Niki McDowell
alt Little LDS Ideas
alt Updike Updates


alt A Pocket Full of LDS Prints


alt 2014 Primary Music Helps


alt 2014 Binder Covers by Lara H.
alt 281 Fourth Street
alt Latter-Day Chatter


alt FHE lessons to go with the 2014 Primary Theme


alt 2014 Primary Presidency Schedule by Shalee Morrill
alt 2014 Weekly/Monthly Primary Theme Printable


alt 2014 Primary Lesson Schedule by Marion Warren
alt 2014 Primary Lesson Schedules by Amanda O’Connor


alt 2014 Primary Music Helps


alt Latter-Day Chatter: (January)(February)


alt 2014 Primary Theme Stickers by Crickett Thornton
alt Scripture Cards
alt Scripture Cards from Just Another Idea
alt Temple Book of Mormon Reading Chart to go along with 2014 Primary Theme by Kristi Purnell


alt 2014 Primary Program Scripts


alt 2014 Primary Talks by Melanie Day - back up talks for Primary


alt Primary Leader Breakfast by Shalee Morrill
alt Primary Teacher Newsletters and appreciation gift ideas for 2014


alt 2014 Monthly Primary Posters by Liz
alt 2014 Primary Monthly Theme Posters in SPANISH by Shalee Morrill
alt 2014 Primary Posters by Latter-Day Chatter
alt 2014 Primary Posters by Shalee
alt A Pocket Full of LDS Prints
alt ....and Spiritually Speaking - 11 x 17 poster printable
alt Just Another Idea
alt Simply Fresh Designs


alt AlliCaps
alt Jenny Phillips 2014 CD - discount for bulk
alt Latter-Day Chatter Chorister Planner
alt Primary 2014 Presidency Planner by Latter-Day Chatter (Black and White) (Color)
alt Primary Presidency Planner for 2014 by Colette
alt Rubber stamps with "Family" theme


alt Temple Puzzle


alt 2014 Scripture, Prayer and Talk Cards by Diana Glade
alt 281 Fourth Street


alt 2014 Primary Monthly Theme Posters in SPANISH by Shalee Morrill
alt A Pocket Full of LDS Prints
alt Las familias pueden ser eternas - Binder Covers


alt 2014 Family Spotlight - {English} {Portuguese} {Spanish}
alt 2014 Spotlight Form by Merrilyn Harris
alt Family Spotlight Printable by Amy Johnson
alt Primary Spotlight Form by Cathryn


alt Primary Assignment Cards and Stickers

Comments (39)

    Bueno espero que para el año que viene esta clases o sugerencia las pongan en español par las que no sabemos el idioma ingles.

    les quiere su hna. en cristo.
    Ivonne ramos

  • Leah Mae  - 2014 ideas

    I've written about a few of my ideas for the upcoming year for: bulletin board, spotlights and I shared the binder covers I've made. 2014-primary-theme-families-are-forever.html

    Come check it out!

  • Laurel

    Link didn't work!

  • Leah Mae

    It looks like an extra space was put in, just after the 10/ and before the 2014. You could copy, paste and delete the space or just click the primary link at the top of the page and scroll down. I've put up some more printables too!

  • Taryn  - Which manuals

    How do you know if you use the General Curriculum or Basic Curriculum manuals?

  • Jennifer  - which manuals

    Taryn It really depends on the size of your primary and what your presidency wants to do.

    If you have enough children for every single glass then you would work in the general Curriculum which is all the books for each class...but if you just have just a few children you work in the basic curriculum...does that make sense? When in doubt ask your presidency. If they don't know ask your Primary Stake leadership they will know.

  • emily  - 2014 posters and wristbands

    There's a site called that offers posters for each month's theme (with the scripture) as well as silicone wristbands with the theme for the year. They also have borders for bulletin boards! We gave out wristbands to all the kids. Our primary loves them!

  • Kara  - 2014 Birthday ideas

    Does anyone have ideas for birthday gifts for the primary kids? The only thing I have been able to think of is a bookmark or picture of a temple with an everlasting gobstopper (our kids LOVE treats!)

  • Sarah  - re: 2014 Birthday ideas

    4x6 Family Proclamation with scripture marking pencil or candy!

  • emily  - birthday ideas

    Kara - has themed pencils, wristbands, & bookmarks.

  • Leah Mae  - more free printables

    I've made some chapstick labels, bookmarks, door signs and a cd case with the new years theme on this post, families-are-forever-primary-2014.html


  • Rocio  - Planner Primary Spanish

    · Planner Primary Spanish 2014 primaria-2014-planificador-de-la.html
    · 2014 Monthly Primary Posters Spanish primaria-2014-temas-mensuales.html
    · 2014 Binder Covers Spanish portada-2014-las-familia-pueden-ser.html
    · 2014 BOOKMARKS Spanish senaladores-2014-las-familias-pueder.html
    · Primary Assignment Cards Spanish asignaciones-2014-las-familias-pueden.html

  • Sara  - Affordable 2014 Primary Gift

    We just purchased and assembled bottle cap zipper pulls from They turned out so cute, and are an affordable option for our very large primary.

    Here is a link on the tutorial and how to purchase them: zipper-pulls-for-lds-primary-2014/

    We were so pleased when I came across them. It is hard to find cute things for primary birthday gifts that are affordable, and aren't "junk". They will love putting these on backpacks, scripture totes, etc."

  • Cameo Holm  - Bulletin Board Ideas 2014

    I am really struggling, I need 2 Bulletin Board Ideas. Has anyone out there come up with any great ideas?

  • Emily  - bulletin boards has great posters and borders with the 2014 theme on them.

  • Maria Mancebo  - achgievement days monthly activity 2014

    hi everyone,

    i need ideas for achievement days activity monthly for year new to this calling so i need your help if you can share your ideas and thoughts,i will appreciate it.



  • angel mujica  - need some info

    hi i need to know if you hace this page in spanish

  • Tiffany  - 2014 Primary talks

    Melanie, I was wondering if you are going to do this for 2014 like you did for 2013. You do not know how many times this saved our closing time on sundays with parents forgetting to get talks to their children. It would be nice. Thanks

  • Angela  - Introducing the 2014 theme

    How are you introducing the new 2014 theme? do you have any sharing ideas introducing "families are forever"?

  • Beatrice Zufelt  - Nursery helps

    Thank you so much for all your information it is so wonderful and helpful.. :silly:

    I really need some help with Nursery.. I need to find a schedule that I can print, or ideas, so I can present them to our lil lady that works in the nursery... Could you Help me come up with some ideas/schedules, that I could give her as a guideline so there is some structure..
    Thank you so much,
    Bea :silly:

  • Anonymous

    Need new assignment wristbands (prayer,scripture, talks)... would like them to be editable so I can change the theme every month... ideas anyone??

  • Kellie  - New way to pick kids using theme?

    We've used the same method to pick kids to help out with music or sharing time. I've been trying to think of a way to change it and incorporate the theme. Any ideas?

  • JoLynn  - Help

    I cannot get the downloadable files for your 2014 Door Signs, Assignment Cards or Stickers to open after I download them. I would like to get them as soon as possible. Thank you, JoLynn

  • JayneShepherd  - Faith in God

    i am the Faith in God leader for the girls in our ward. Last year there was a year calendar that went with the monthly themes. It was awesome Is there one for this year please?

  • LaDean  - Sharing Time for January 5

    I found a great sharing time post but don't remember where I found it. It had power points and wonderful animals. Does anyone out there know where it is so I can download it ASAP. Thanks, LaDean

  • the Secretary  - More diversity

    These are great materials--thank you for sharing! I'm concerned that all the portrayals of people are white and non-handicapped. Can we get some individuals of different backgrounds depicted in the binder covers, door signs, etc.? I want to have the most inclusive Primary we can possibly have, and I think it would make the kids feel good to see people of all kinds.

  • Sister BK  - CTR Rings

    Does anyone know if you are supposed to hand out CTR rings to your CTR classes at the beginning of the year? Some how that is what I'm thinking, but can't find any direction on that in the church publications.

  • Anonymous

    I think it may say to do that in the first lesson. We have great teachers who substitute other ctr crafts as the rings are $1 each and we have 100 kids in our primary. We give the ring when they are baptized instead.

  • Marilyn Nicholes  - CTR rings

    In the manuals we are using this year they include in the first lesson that CTR rings are handed out.

  • Joan Middlemiss  - Organizing our lessons

    I am the Manual there is lessons as we all know. But my query is where is the information to start our lesson preparation. I am very new to teaching with a prepared lesson, previously i have just been in nursery and have just seen stuff and done the lesson with little preparation and so i don't know really how to prepare a lesson. I have a bit of a learning disability so it's part of the reasoning why i am not sure too. Can someone please help me.

  • karen kirkland  - bored 10 year ol girl

    I hope that you have some suggestions, for what to do with a bored 10 year old girl in primary. she does not sing, participate or anything. she has been home schooled until this year and it is not going so well. she has always been around adults and she does not get along with other children well at all. help us

  • Amy Zullo

    just looking for new ideas for my primary lessons. heard about your cute site through a friend.

  • mliles

    When will the primary program (sacrament) stuff start posting on here?

  • Heather  - Primary Program 2014

    I am also curious when primary program ideas will be posted

  • Stephanie  - Primary Program

    Hey, I too am curious if you are going to post the 2014 Primary Program on here?? I have look all over online, and haven't found one yet!!! HELP!!! :0

  • emily  - primary programs

    I'm trying to gets head start on our primary program and was wondering when you will post the submitted programs? Thank you!

  • Becky Daniels  - Primary Program

    Is there going to be any sample programs posted here? In the past I've noticed quite a few, but can't find any this year. Our program is early this year (late Sept) so we are really trying to get going on this. Thanks!

  • Becky Daniels  - Primary Program

    Is there going to be any sample programs posted here? In the past I've noticed quite a few, but can't find any this year. Our program is early this year (late Sept) so we are really trying to get going on this. Thanks!

  • Mary Margaret Farris  - Primary President

    I have just been called as the Primary President this past May and will be writing my first program in a few months. Any tips on how to get started or ways to keep it interesting?

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