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1. DATE - July 31, 2013
SUBMITTED BY - Leslie Anderson of Canby, Oregon
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS- "I just finished writing our program for Sacrament Meeting and wanted to share it with others.  It is written with 57 parts, but it could be changed to add more or take away some of them."
FILES - [pdf] [Word - .doc file]

2. DATE - July 31, 2013
SUBMITTED BY - Christina Jenson
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS- "This is a first draft of our Primary Program that I'd like to pass along to anyone who'd like to use it. There are plenty of places to add simple additional lines for larger Primaries."
FILES - [pdf] [Word - .doc file]

3. DATE - August 4, 2013
SUBMITTED BY - Katie Schmidt
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS- "When I write our program, I start by making a list of questions and I ask each child in our primary a series of questions. Whatever their best answer is, that is the child's part in the program! It makes the parts easy for the children to memorize since it's their own words and it adds to the spirit as they are testifying themselves!"
FILES - [pdf] [Word - .docx file]

4. DATE - August 5, 2013
SUBMITTED BY - Jacy Rogers
FILES - [pdf] [Word - .docx file]

5. DATE - August 31, 2013
SUBMITTED BY - Ashley Monn
FILE - [pdf] [Word]

6. DATE - September 5, 2013
SUBMITTED BY - Erin McGibbon
FILE - [pdf] [Word]
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - Our primary is pretty big with 110 children but you could adapt this for a bigger or smaller primary.  I use our Valiant 10/11 girls and boys as our Narrators throughout the entire program. 

7. DATE - September 18, 2013    ESPANOL
SUBMITTED BY - Christie in Ecuador
FILE - [Word]
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS - Christie writes, "Here is our Primary Program script in Spanish."

8. DATE - September 19, 2013
FILE - [Word] [pdf]

9. DATE - September 26, 2013
FILE - [Word] [pdf]


Comments (30)
  • MarySue

    Thanking you all for your gifts and talents and sharing them. These scripts has such great ideas and will help me much in formulating our program. Thanks again.

  • Lia Thibodeau

    Thank-you Leslie! You have saved my life! i have been praying and thinking about the Primary Program and...nothing was coming to me. I guess the Spirit led me to your wonderful idea! I love it. Thank-you for your time and creativity!

  • Mary

    In past years, sisters have posted a list of questions related to the Primary theme for the year. Then leaders and teachers can ask the kids the questions and use their answers to write their part for the program. Does anyone have a list of questions for the theme for this year? It would be so helpful! Thank you!

  • Mary

    Thank you so much! I have an engineering background, so I'm great at many tasks like organizing 100 parts into a 35 minute program. Creative writing - not so much! This is a huge lifesaver, thank you thank you thank you!

  • Eileen  - Thanks!!

    I think it is so thoughtful for those that have such talent to share their ideas with us. I have prayed for guidance in helping me with the Primary Program. This is such a blessing. I have already thank someone on High, now I need to thank each of you. You just don't know how valuable this information is to some of us. Thanks so much and may God bless you!

  • Marianne  - Please no script

    How can there be a script for a Primary presentation? This is the time for each child to share his or her own thoughts and testimony about what they have learned in Primary this year. Older children can be given a subject to prepare a paragraph or two, younger children can be asked questions and their own words and answers written down.

  • Rebekah  - Utilizing our primary children's words

    We use a script, because my organizational side forces me to B)

    However, one of the best tools I have when writing our program has been our children's talks throughout the year. After each talk, one of us in the presidency collects their talk and passes it on to me. I try to incorporate their own words in the program where we discuss that month's theme. Parts of the program are practically written for me and the children love it when they recognize their words. I really feel this makes it special for them.

  • Amy

    I agree and do the same thing. It makes organizeing the program so much easier when I have talks from our own primary kids.

    Thank you to everyone that submits their program. I've never copied one but have needed the boost and seeing ideas from other primaries.

  • shauna  - primary president

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. With 140 kids plus teachers i do use a script where some of the children have a part, others a thought that they share their own ideas or feelings. The Lords house is a house of order and i cant imagine not having some type of guideline with my 20 sunbeams:) now the question i have is how do you make your seating charts? And do i really need to speak?

  • Angela

    We likewise have 140 individual speaking parts in our program. Last year we had our Junior Primary sit on the stand (luckily we are almost exactly 1/2 Jr, 1/2 Sr) and filled the 1st 3 rows (sides and middle) of the chapel with the Senior Primary children. The first half of the program was the Junior Primary's presentation. Then we sang a congregational hymn while the children rotated and then the Senior Children were on the stand for the 2nd half of the program. It took lots of organization to have the rotation go smoothly, but it went sooo well, and saved us from having risers/tons of extra chairs, travelling microphones, etc. that I have seen done in large primary's before. We did still have to have about 10-15 little chairs on the stand on either side of the pulpit. All children stood and sang the songs, and all children gave their part at the main microphone. Downside (or upside, if you have wiggly sunbeams!) was that you could only see each child well for 1/2 of the prog...

  • Katie Jensen  - Primary President

    We too use a script. I can only imganize how crazy it would be without one. Especially with as many children as we have. Shauna as for the seating chart question I have mine sit in the order that they are written in on script for the program. When they walk up the pulpit they say there parts, then step down and slide to the side a ways, waiting quietly while the other says their parts and then when they are done they all go back reverently to their seats in an orderly manner. Works perfectly for us. I drew up a chart of where the seats are on the stand. I then label where everyone seats including the teachers. And also what direction they walk to the pulpit and back. Being Organized is a must =) . This will be my fourth year of doing the Primary program. It's my favorite sacrament meeting every year.

    Also another thing we do to help the children be able to share there thoughts and feeling and testimonies are to ask questions for their parts. Fill in the blank. It works perfectly....

  • Cherise  - the day of the program

    I am not sure where the best place to ask this is, so I will try here.
    What do you do in primary/ sharing time after the primary program? Do you just do it like normal or do something different on the day of the program when they are finally through the sitting so well and concentrating through Sacrament meeting for the program? Thanks!

  • Carolyne  - After Primary Presentation what do you do for ST.

    On the day of our Primary Presentation we have a small questionnaire we ask "the audience" to share what they liked about the Presentation so that we can share with the children.
    Answers can be as simple as hearing their sweet voices singing, a child sharing their testimony, even how reverent they were.

  • Alisha  - After Program Party

    We have always done a church movie/Mormon Message DVD clips and popcorn during Sharing Time the day of the program. Last year the Elder's Quorum coordinated for us so that all the teachers could attend a special Relief Society.

  • Tawnya  - Day of program sharing time.

    We usually reward the children with a popcorn and a movie for sharing time. although they know nothing about it.

  • Janel  - Small Primary Ideas

    Does any one have ideas for a small Primary (i.e. 10 children)? It's tough filling the allotted time with so few children, without asking them to each speak several times each (which no one wants to do). I want to make this a fun experience for them, while also putting together a nice presentation for the congregation.

  • Kris  - re: Small Primary Ideas

    Hi Janel,
    We have a small primary as well, and got wonderful reviews about our program last year. The basic outline was this: Each family covered one month from the Sharing Time outline. Everyone in the family spoke. I wrote parts for everyone, including babies (smile and wave) and parents. I also let them know that they could use their own words and how long they could speak. After the family had addressed their topic, they stood with the primary and sang the selected primary song. The non-primary folks sat back down with the congregation and the next family came up. We also had room for the teachers and presidency to speak.

    (Note:Be thoughtful of your primary children and their family dynamics, and choose the topics to fit the families. Everyone participated in our program, including the less active family who showed up for the first time in months-the father knew one song-I Am a Child of God-and that was the song their family sang. He's mentioned since then how happy he w...

  • Susie Barnes  - trouble opening up documents

    I can only up program ideas #4 and #5. Anyone else have this problem? Any help ideas? Thanks.

  • Susie Barnes  - figured it out

    Never mind. I figured out how to open them up. Thanks.

  • Sister H  - THANK YOU

    I just got called and my husband is in grad school and I have two little kids and I was so lost and overwhelmed. I will pay it forward by putting stuff on here that may help some other lost sister. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This just took a billion pounds off my stress levels!

  • Esther Larson

    I am having trouble with the files opening up. Number 5 and 6 open right up. The rest I am unable to see. Am I doing something wrong??

  • Michele Wojdan  - Primary program 2013

    Thank you Leslie! We have a very small primary, (7 children), and I have
    Been struggling with this years primary program . You have been an
    Answer to my prayers. Michele Wojdan, international falls, MN. :woohoo:

  • Janie  - How to fit kids on stand

    We need to fit 71 people on the stand, but we only have 54 seats. :) Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous  - re: How to fit kids on stand
    Janie wrote:
    We need to fit 71 people on the stand, but we only have 54 seats. :) Any suggestions?

    Last year, we had the same problem, and had to add a row of chairs in the front of the stand. We seated the sunbeams there, and a few of the wriggly children (and the rest of their class too), and that meant that we could easily settle them if they grew restless.

  • Anonymous

    I am a new Primary President and the program was my first task. I was really freaking out! I am NOT creative, but can organize. Having an outline to use and suggestions from others is a life saver. I consider it one of God's tender mercies in my life. Love Leslie's outline and the individuality it uses as lots of children add their own words and feelings. Thank you with all my heart.

  • Katie H  - Song Ideas

    Does anyone have any ideas as how to present the songs? Are you just having all the kids sing every song or having a group sing a verse with the rest of the kids joining in later, solos, musically inclined children accompany a song or two? Any ideas??

  • Allison

    i am looking for a flyer for the primary sacrament mtg practice could some one please help me

  • Linda  - After progam ideas

    We received permission from the bishop to video just the program. With both primaries together we showed the video. The children loved seeing themselves singing and such. Then we let them frost sugar cookies! It was great. But in another ward permission not given. oh well.

  • Anonymous  - primary program 2014

    Our primary program is in September and I was wanting some ideas for the primary program.... when will you post some?

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