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This song is taken from the January 1991 Friend Magazine
 AnJanette writes, "This year I am teaching the children the song "I know that Jesus Lives" from the Children's friend.  We are going to talk about what a testimony is and how they can share theirs.  We'll talk about one of those ways being through music.  Then because they don't often get to stand up and bear their testimonies, we will sing this as our closing song each Fast Sunday.  It's a beautiful song and I think the children will be able to learn it quite quickly.
I made this poster to help remind them.  I did the pictures and glued them to 12x12 cardstock.  Then I taped the pieces together and as we sing each line, I'll unfold it. By the time we get to the end of the song, they will be able to see all four pages.  Click here for a link to the music."

CLICK HERE to open a flipchart made for this song by Kiera Thomsen.

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