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If you are choosing to make or give one of these as part of an activity,
it might be fun to attach the following story, "God's Embroidery

 Embroidery Patterns - Enter temples in to the search engine and you will find all kinds of LDS temple embroidery patterns, enter girl praying and you will find a wonderful one with a girl on her knees, arms crossed praying.  (Site suggested by Lynn Conger / ga08212008)

Christy's Clipart - Young Women Cross Stitch Patterns

 Needle Point from MormonChic

 Bev's Country Cottage

 Virtue Stitchery by Kassie Moen

 Michelle writes, "It isn't too hard to make your own cross stitch pattern if you aren't trying to blend colors and get all fancy. Just use graph paper and you can X out letters, shapes, etc. The tricky part would be sizing it but that would also depend on the size of your gingham pattern. I've done a few cross stitches and think that the "official" aida cloth would be easier to work with. They don't have to make their own holes and you can take out mistakes easier. Unless of course you already have gingham to use! ;) Then use what you have but if you can get some hoops to hold the gingham tight, it would be easier."

 TLC Stitches - Tammie has designed some cross stitch patterns of the YW Values.  She has one of "just" the values, and then another one that can be personalized.  She has many other patterns too.

 Here's a whole bunch of patterns from Home and Holidays

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