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PREPARE YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY -  What are some of the reasons you have fasted, and what were the
results of your fast? What do you do to make fasting meaningful? Why is it important for the young
women to understand the principle of fasting? What obstacles do the young women face in
enjoying the full blessings of fasting?

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alt Fasting - Hungry or Full? by Kara Reeder
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alt A simple object lesson I have seen with fasting is to use yeast, sugar and water. You place warm water in two bowls, then add the same amount of yeast. (The yeast symbolizes prayer.) Then you add a pinch of sugar to one bowl, as an example of what happens when you add fasting to prayer. Then you teach for a bit about fasting. While you teach, the yeast will react and the bowl with the sugar will have much bigger results. You can see that prayer without fasting causes things to happen, but fasting adds power to our prayers. (Shared by Elizabeth)
alt Fasting makes us stronger
alt Fasting Object Lesson
  Prepare two wordstrips: Fasting and Prayer. Invite two children to stand close together, and give each child one of the wordstrips. Have another child walk between them. Ask the first two children to securely link their arms, and ask the other child to try to walk between them again. Point out how much stronger the children are when they are linked together. Explain that fasting and prayer are more powerful when we use them together. Write “Fasting and prayer can strengthen my testimony” on the board, and have the children repeat it together. (Idea taken from the 2012 Primary Program Outline under July)
Using a piece of wood, 2 screws, screwdriver and a power drill—demonstrate the difference in the ease of screwing in a screw with a screwdriver compared to a power drill. Liken the power of the power drill to the power that fasting can give to our prayers.


 El Ayuno (handout) by Sabrina Walker 


 That is not fasting by Elder David A. Bednar


alt The Blessings of a Proper Fast by Carl B. Pratt
alt The Law of the Fast by Joseph B. Wirthlin

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