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IDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (playing a guessing game): On the board write, “I have a _________.” Tell the children to listen to the following clues and to fold their arms and stand up when they think they can fill in the blank:
• This makes us feel good, happy, or warm inside.
• The Holy Ghost gives this to us.
• This helps us want to make right choices.
• We can share this with others when we give
talks in Primary, in family home evening, and in fast and testimony meeting. Ask, “What is this wonderful thing?” Fill in the blank with the word testimony, and tell the children that they can have a testimony that they are children of God.

ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING (singing a song): Invite the children to sing “I Am a Child of God” (CS, 2–3), and ask them to think about how they feel inside as they sing. Ask a few children to share how they felt. Explain that good feelings they may have felt were from the Holy Ghost, telling them they really are children of God. Explain that knowing this is true is what it means to have a testimony. Explain that there are many ways to know we are children of God. Ask: “How do you know you are a child of God?”

ENCOURAGE APPLICATION (hearing testimonies): Ask the children, “Why is it important to have a testimony that we are children of God? How does having a testimony help us make right choices?” Share your testimony and invite a few children and adults to share their testimonies that we are all children of God.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR THIS WEEK'S SHARING TIME, use the comment section below and add your thoughts.  If your comments are too long, have trouble posting your comments or you have files you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and I'll post them below.

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  • Jenn  - Combined Singing and Sharing Time Christmas Progra

    Our primary decided to do a combined activity with Jr and Sr primaries to talk about Christmas and sing lots of songs. We used the idea in the December 2013 Friend and changed some of the phrases as well as added a lot more songs. We have Jr primary helping with the song props and Sr reading the cards.
    Our primary did not know all of the songs so for the ones they don't know we just wrote the words out on a big poster. We also only sang the first verse of the song.
    First you need to write out "Merry Christmas" on paper so that each letter has it's own page. Then print the correlating phrase on the back of each letter. We hid the pages under the chairs of Sr primary.
    Narrator: Of all the Christmas wishes you can share this time of year, There’s one phrase in particular we love to say and hear. Those two words, Merry Christmas, put a grin on every face. We thought you’d like to see each letter’s meaning, in its place.

    M: is for manger filled with hay so soft and deep. A hum...

  • Teri Tomshack  - to Jenn

    Jenn, I can't open your comments and want to use your Merry Christmas poem. Please can you e mail it to me? Thanks! Teri

  • Kellie  - reply to Teri

    It is on page 10 of the December 2013 Friend magazine

  • Wendy

    Jenn, I can't open your comments and would like to see your poem also. Will you please email it to me? Thanks, Wendy

  • Wendy

    Jenn, would you send me the list of extra songs you used? Thanks so much!


  • Jaimy

    Can you please email this to me too? Thank you!

  • Michelle Nelson  - Poem

    Can you email your poem for Merry Christmas Please.

  • Elizabeth Tuilagi  - I have a testimony that i am a child of God

    I am preparing my sharing time for this coming Sunday in our primary but I rally need some help for some of your idea for this topic...


  • Sandra Hatalla  - I have a testimony that I am a child of God.

    I am doing sharing time this coming Sunday (Dec. 22). I love using this page for helpful ideas. Do you have any helpful ideas for the December week 4 sharing time or ideas for the Sunday before Christmas? Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

  • Leah Mae  - sharing time ideas

    I found a few more ideas for this weeks lesson (to beef it up, it's pretty short) and a fun printable you can use to challenge your primary to develop some Godly characteristics. december-sharing-time-i-have-testimony.html

    Have a wonderful week,

  • michelle  - poem

    Jen can you send me your poem for Merry Christmas.
    Michelle Nelson

  • Amy  - Our gift to Heavenly Father, Jesus and our family

    I'm planning on following the outline but for encouraging application, getting the primary children to write/draw their testimony as their gift to Heavenly Father, Jesus and their family.

    I have heart cut outs for Junior primary to write/draw their testimony on. I will then encourage them to hang it up on their Christmas tree and come Christmas day, to share it with their family.

    For senior primary, I have made simple boxes ( and will ask them to write their testimony to put in the box. I will encourage them to place the box under the Christmas tree as their gift to Heavenly Father, Jesus and their family and again, ask them to share their testimony on Christmas day/eve.

    Just my simple idea to incorporate testimonies and Christmas...

  • Christi Masters  - Poem

    Please email your Merry Christmas poem. I would love to use it for my primary lesson Sunday :)

    Christi Masters

  • Amer  - Mormon Message

    I like the ideas above about having the children write or draw their testimonies, then to hang them on their tree or put them underneath and share it with their family on Christmas. This Mormon Message video I think would go great with this lesson- The Reason Behind Christmas: messages?v=2874125972001.

  • Jana Rasmussen  - Thank you

    Thank you for posting the like to that video, it really touched my heart! I am going to show it in my sharing time.

  • Tammy J  - Merry christmas Poem


    Will you please send me your Merry Christmas Poem? Thank you so much for posting such a wonderful idea.


    My email is

  • Katie R

    Please email me your Christmas poem to


  • Jenae  - Merry Christmas poem

    To all of those asking for the Merry Christmas poem, it is in the December 2013 issue of the Friend magazine. If you don't get the Friend you can look it up on and get the poem from there.

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